gif:rap mon

EXTENDED VERSION: Rap Monster lying on live television to cover his ass.

@parkjiminisanangel, thank you for the idea and for sending me some clips <3

memorable BTS quotes
  • Rap Monster: lets fly with our beautiful wings in 2017
  • Jungkook: Living without passion is like being dead
  • J-hope: Each day is tiring and difficult, but I believe that the sole reason that I can make it through is because of our Armys
  • Jin: win. lose. I don't care, because at the end of the day I still have this face. whos the real winner here?
  • V: When I'm in the bathroom I'm thinking about ARMY
  • Jimin: English is not a barrier when you're as cute as me
  • Suga: giggle giggle, chop chop chop