I’m on BBC Radio! Mini Vlog

Vlog from yesterday’s adventures including being interviewed by BBC Radio :D will of course let you know when the programme will be broadcast!

“The radio, I know I’m its father, but I don’t like it. I just don’t like it. It’s a nuisance. I never listen to it. The radio is a distraction and keeps you from concentrating. There are too many distractions in this life for quality of thought, and it’s quality of thought, not quantity, that counts.”

–Nikola Tesla

“Father Of Radio, Who Hated It.” Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1943.
Imagine Brendon being on radio and has been saying some stuff about you and you call in and he realize you heard it all

Radio host: So, Brendon. We have a caller here.

Brendon: Hey caller! What’s your name?

y/n: You know my name.

Brendon: Heeey honey… How are you? How long have you been listening?

y/n: Oh you know. I heard it all.

Brendon: I love you.

y/n: … *snort* I love you too, you dork.



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