friendly reminders

- stay hydrated
- eat enough food
- treat urself !!! 
- do something that makes U happy
- take your medicine
- clean your room
- respond to ur messages
- i lov U loads

{also if you ever need to vent/rant im always here!!! hope ur well}


It’s almost Christmas, the holiday were some of us celebrate the birth of the person who would undoubtedly be the worst addition to the smite pantheon ever. Now i would love to give all of our followers a present but there is like over 3500 of you (porn blogs included) so I’m afraid that it will just have to be another giveaway. 

5 Alienware Ra skins and 1, 2013 convention Kali. The winner get’s first pick and if they choose Ra we will just move down the list.

Same rules as always, both likes and rebloggs count, no need to actually follow us, it is a time of giving after all. And it all ends, shall we say 20.00 GMT on Wednesday the 28? Sounds good. 

Merry Christmas you filthy animals <3