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Psycho-Pass Field Jacket Tutorial
Requested by Anon

Disclaimer: This might not be the absolute best way to detail this type of jacket but it worked for me. My jacket is around 14 months old and has been worn to 4 cons (and been shoved in moving boxes twice) and it’s a little worse for ware but in my opinion it gives it that gritty Psycho-Pass feel.

What you will need:

  1. A Navy windbreaker (unless you want to sew your own but I was lazy), I bought my windbreaker from here:
    I bought a size larger than I would normally wear so that it wouldn’t be a tight fit
  2. 1 package of grey ½" double fold (or single fold, both will work) bias tape
  3. Matching grey thread, white thread.
  4. 1 sheet of white starched felt (aka those felt sheets that feel stiff to the touch)
  5. White, black and yellow acrylic paint. I used Apple Barrel Gloss brand after trying several different brands and it seemed to work best on the fabric of the windbreaker without chipping too much.
  6. A light-colored fabric pencil (ie light blue, white, yellow or something that will show up on the navy coat)

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