When you’re cosplaying from a movie and it just happens to come on TV. I did not plan this.

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we were learning about the russian revolution in modern world today and my teacher said that during the civil war the white army thought that lenin wouldn’t kill the royal family because who would do that and then he did and they were so surprised and lost the war and she said “inconceivable!” and when i was the only one that laughed she was like “from the princessbride?” and i said “my mom can recite that entire movie by heart” (and she can) and my teacher just whispered “you’re mom’s great”


*in the distance* briiide…
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Princess Bride! Phan AU

AND HERE ANOTHER ONE OF MY CRAPPY FAIRY TALISH AUs NOONE HAS EVER ASKED FOR! So i know a lot of you won’t agree w/ me but i personally would love it to read a Phan x Princessbride AU. Dan would of course be the lovely Buttercup and Phil would be Westley. I know I know it sounds crappy and it most likely is. But please try to imagine it for a second. Ot would be so cute. Anyway please don’t hate me for this AU ^^’

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