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She is all of us I think. Lol

Cream—wherein Prince jacks off in front of a mirror
Insatiable—wherein Prince cajoles you into making a sex tape, which he will definitely edit into something tasteful
Electric Chair—wherein Prince tells you that what he has planned for you is technically punishable by death, in a sexy way
I Wanna Melt With U—wherein Prince worries that he may have just statutory-raped you, because that’s kiiiiind of a lot of blood, but as long you’re cool with it, chorus verse bridge
18 & Over—wherein Prince establishes some boundaries up front this time
Sexy MF—wherein Prince just wants to talk, dummy
Poom Poom—wherein Prince has been writing dirty songs for two decades and has completely exhausted the English language
Slow Love—wherein Prince recommends quality over quantity, mainly because your pussy couldn’t withstand the quantity that he is interested in
Come—wherein Prince explains that orgasms (which he could provide!) will solve all of your problems in a universal-love kind of way, and isn’t the ocean sexy?
Orgasm—wherein Prince… I don’t know, ocean, whatever
Pheromone—wherein Prince misunderstands what pheromones are
Solo—wherein Prince gets incredibly melodramatic about sex
Hot Thing—wherein Prince asks if your smiles are for him, and you get the feeling that “smiles” might be a nudge-nudge-wink-wink kind of deal
It—wherein Prince tells you what he thinks about a lot (it), and why (because you’re good at it)
Superfunkycalifragisexy—wherein Prince recommends drinking squirrel blood as an aphrodisiac prior to some seriously kinky shit involving ropes and guns and neon and office furniture… also, dancing
Rockhard in a Funky Place—wherein Prince is very coy about his erection
Ripopgodazippa—wherein Prince bangs some girl at the gym, I guess?
Sex in the Summer—wherein Prince muses on the wholesome joys of a public babymamma up-skirt situation
Glam Slam—wherein Prince sounds like he’s being nasty, but in an obtuse artsy way that leaves you wondering if maybe you’re the one with the dirty mind and now you’re missing something deep… wait, WAIT… did he just say something about a BUTTERFLY CUMMING ON YOU? Ohhh, Prince.
When 2 R in Love—wherein Prince refuses to settle for making only most of the panties drop
Alphabet St.—wherein Prince tries to make “driving to Tennessee” a euphemism for orgasm but it doesn’t catch on
Delirious—wherein Prince details the volume of his ejaculate in a vaguely rapey way
319—wherein Prince explores a fantasy about erotic photography and you get the feeling that this is a song he wrote in 15 minutes on some random Wednesday morning about some random Tuesday night that he had once
The Continental—wherein Prince has phone sex with a teenager and reveals his poor understanding of astronomy
Darling Nikki—wherein Prince meets a girl who is kind of a freak even by his standards
Jack U Off—wherein Prince expounds on the joys of finger-blasting
Tick Tick Bang—wherein Prince gets you all worked up with his tales of premature ejaculation, inspired by you, and you’re welcome
Mad Sex—wherein Prince remembers that one time back in the day when he used to have sex, OMG, a lot
Head—wherein Prince lets you know the length of time for which he will eat your pussy, up to and including the time of your death
Violet the Organ Grinder—wherein Prince grinds his organ, metaphorically
Erotic City—wherein Prince cums on his own face while contemplating some sort of urban Madonna/Whore scenario, metaphorically


Prince on the drums