Imagine a version of Cinderella where the prince is blind

When Cinderella flees, he follows the sound of her quick footsteps, guides himself down the palace stairs along the railing, and stumbles over her glass slipper. He knows it’s hers because when he stumbles, it makes the same unique little clinking noise that it did when they were dancing.

He doesn’t know how to find Cinderella because he doesn’t know how to describe her face; he never saw her face. That’s why he uses the shoe.


Amazingly, I get to use my own terrible characters for a sculpting assignment! A godsend, because I got a chance to have all their designs critiqued and can think a lot about pushing shapes and silhouettes, my big weakness. Prince is the only one I think still need a looooot of work on, face/shape-wise, and I’m otherwise decently happy. Like, they all could be improved, but I feel there’s been a good amount of progress so far.

Now to do fully inked 4-6 point turnarounds + expressions for every single one of them (and two for Doe, because I’m a masochist)