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My message to all men is that you have to kill pride. You’ve been taught that pride is a manly thing, that pride is a good thing. But the problem with pride is that it stops you from growth. When you’re so proud that you won’t change, you’ve got problems. Male pride causes wars; millions of people have died because of male pride, because one man would not back down. Male pride will say, “I’d rather blow up my whole family than have everyone look at me as though I’ve lost.” That is so dangerous.

LGBT groups in Boston made history this weekend. 

For decades, organizers of Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade have banned LGBT groups from participating — so adamantly that the conflict had to be settled by the Supreme Court years ago. That rule changed Sunday, though, when the gay veterans group OutVets and the LGBT rights group Boston Pride marched alongside others at the parade. 

"We march today for the memories of those thousands and thousands of people who went before us, some who went to their graves in the closet," OutVets founder and leader and Air Force veteran Bryan Bishop told his group before the parade. He called it "the beginning of the mission of this organization to honor the service and sacrifice of every single LGBT veteran, their family, their allies and every veteran in this country who fought so selflessly to defend the rights that we hold dear."

Sarah Jo Gomez-Lorraine, a Naval officer and OutVets member taking part in the march, said it’s an honor to represent gay veterans who never got the opportunity to come out.

"I feel today that I stand on the shoulders of giants who’ve gone before me and never got to see this in their lives," she said. "It’s very humbling to be able to stand in places that others never got to."

Not bad at all. Happy St. Patty’s, loves. 

9 Things Only Ellen Could Get Away With

1. Delivering pizza at an awards show like it’s totally normal.

2. Getting a million celebrities together to take a selfie and break the Internet.

3. Getting The President to dance on national television.

4. She can get T-Swift to wear sweaters with her and watch cat videos.

5. She can dispense advice like no one else.

6. She is never afraid, even when Jennifer Aniston tries her hardest to scare her.

7. She can convince Britney to shimmy in front of random strangers’ houses.

8. She’s always going to be herself regardless of what people say. 

9. Her haters are her motivators.


“You either live in a free and a fair society, or you don’t. There’s no point trying to campaign for people on the grounds of their sexuality to be treated as equal if you think a woman’s place is in the home or they should only get half the wages of men, or people with different coloured skin are lesser citizens, or working people don’t deserve fair treatment and consideration from their employers.”

From Tom Robinson’s talk at the Return on Innovation Conference in 2013. [x]