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Oh God I just got an idea! A Root/Shaw HP AU where Root is Hermione and Shaw is Ginny! Cute, nerdy (and a little obsessive) Root secretly in love with her bestfriend's sister who does what she want, when she want and doesn't care about anything else but quidditch! Even Finch as Harry, Reese as Ron and Fusco as Neville works!

the not-so-golden trio

It’s a common sight at Hogwarts, for Reese and Root and Finch to all be seen trailing after some professor or another, caught pulling shenanigans and then subsequently led on their way to see their Head of House.

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ready aim fire | person of interest 

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SO, you're watching PoI now? What made you start? :D

Oh my goodness. So I’ve loved Amy Acker ever since Angel, and Sarah Shahi since The L Word. But sadly, I didn’t even know they were on POI until thatscomplex mentioned it a few months ago in the obfrankenfics group chat. So I filed it away as something to watch down the line.

But then…

The gifs.

My gawd, the gifs that started popping up on my dash, like…


As well as…

I won’t even mention the kiss. Hot damn. It motivated me enough to check out their scenes on youtube and now I can’t wait to watch the show once I clear out some of the other stuff on my DVR!


If you don’t like POI, or Person of Interest, or have no idea what that is, then this post isn’t for you. Just keep scrolling, don’t mind me.

First of all, this isn’t a mean rant, it’s more of a “I FOUND A NEW TV SHOW THAT I AM BINGE WATCHING AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH I COULD LITERALLY SCREAM RN!” rant :)

So I just got into watching Person of Interest and well, its my new obsession. Of course my main one is still MPaS, (I doubt it’ll ever be anything else…) but people…..THIS SHOW.

If you like technology, espionage, intrigue, mystery, and plots thicker than molasses, with story arcs spanning multiple seasons then you will love this show. It’s got great characters and character development which doesn’t go too fast, which I am liking. I am in the beginning episodes of season 2 and BOY DID THINGS PICK UP. 

Seriously, watch this show. PLEASE