do you guys ever think about how lonely root’s life must have been before The Machine and before she met Harold, Reese and Shaw? It just really seems like she has no one and nobody and we’ve never ever seen her actually have a home that she lives in. the only time she even had a sorta-residence was the cage. Which i always thought must be SO lonely but Root seemed surprisingly used to it… she didn’t like being cut off from The Machine but I think a lot of us would have different reactions to being kept alone 24 hours a day for weeks… and like when she was working against Harry, she used that girl’s college dorm one time and that’s it. She has no family left and she had no friends… 

(it only makes me feel better that Harry told Shaw that “Root is not alone” because there was totally a time where that’s all she was…) 


Number 3

Season 1 Episode 21

Many happy returns 

 Reese’s cell rings.

Finch: Did you find the place, alright.
Reese: This is too much.
Finch: Think of it as a company perk. You know, usually you get a car but for you it’s a flat.
Reese: Finch I can't…
Finch: I’ll be very offended if you don’t except.


Reese: Thank you.
Finch: Your welcome.

The next morning

Finch: Morning, Mr Reese Sleep well.

Reese nods

Reese: At least let me get you something. Even though I have no idea what I’d get you.
What do you get someone who has everything.
Finch: I don’t really have everything…plus it’s a lot better than where you were living.

John looks at Harold.

Finch: I just assume.

A day later.

Reese: I’m so sorry, Harold.
Finch: It’s ok.
Reese: I feel like I should explain.
Finch: What, you think I didn’t know you were following me.
Reese: Why didn’t you say anything?

Harold shrugs and smiles.

48 hours later.

Finch: Mr Reese

John turns around.

Finch: I owe you a dept.

John’s phone rings

“I wanted to thank you for finding my friend, tell Harold I’ll see him soon”
“Come near us again, and you’ll be sorry”

John hangs up.

Finch: I’m ok, apart from this cut on my hand and some long term injuries I’m fine.

Harold watches John look to the sky and take a breath facing away from him.

Finch: I’m fine

John turns round.

Reese: I thought I’d lost you.
Finch: You didn’t.
Reese: Yea, but I so easily could of.


John sighs

Reese: I know you think we don’t have any secrets, but that’s not true.
Finch: If you’re going to say you killed someone I already know.
Reese: More like someone times 50…I’m a straight forward guy. If I like someone I just tell them and if they don’t feel the same way, no big deal. I guess what I’m saying is I’ve never been in love before and maybe the reason I never said anything thing until now is because I didn’t want to lose…everything.
Finch: I don’t unde…you’re in love with me? Or am I reading this wrong.
Reese: it’s not a big deal. Yes it is for me, but it doesn’t have to be for you.
Finch: How long have you felt this way?
Reese: A long time.
Finch: How long is a long time, 3 weeks, a month.
Reese: Well,none of those…honestly it’s been since I met you.
Finch: Oh my God
Reese: Yea, so I need to know do you feel the same way. Then I can move on, or at least try to.
Finch: You’re an idiot.
Reese: That’s not exactly the reaction I was hoping for.

Harold stands placing his lips on John’s. The kiss lasted less than a minute but to John and Harold it felt like a life time. Eventually the kiss ends.

Finch: Since you met me? I’m pretty sure you hated me when we first met.
Reese: Ok, a day after.

Harold smiles