“Come to the one and only Pancham Express!”

Look what came in the mail!!! :D It’s a little big, but it’ll shrink once washed. It fits v nice and I love it so much haha, it combines my fave psmd character and my love for cheap asian food in one :) thank you to ArtisticCalm!

you guys can buy this awesome shirt here:

I really wish todays ep ended in a different way… TRio truly deserved better this time. Im often annoyed with them but I totally LOVE them when they act as good guys, but of course they still get punished for no reason….. I liked the idea of them taking care of blue core like the twerps taking care of red core… fuck you Alain!


Maybe don’t give Pokemon to 10 year olds


Pokemon tries saying more than just its own name

After a year of putting this off I finally found time to finish this piece! 

You can get this cute little guy as a tshirt or print  Here at redbubble!

Let me know what you think and to see more stuff or progress of other thing

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