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Okay, but can we talk about the Japanese Sun&Moon commercial / ad? It’s honestly the most precious thing ever????

A Japanese kid is moving to Hawaii with his mother and loves Pokemon. 

He stays up with his mother practicing his English so he can communicate with the new environment around him, it seems he isn’t completely fluent. 

The next day he introduces himself in his, still budding, English and the other children don’t seem very responsive to his efforts or taken off-guard somewhat?

Out of the blue one child starts clapping for him to show some kindness and the whole class joins in on celebrating his introduction.

He wants to join the other kids at lunch but seems to feel awkward about it?

He spots the kid who showed him kindness at the Pokemon Sun and Moon release. He plays the games for a while in his mom’s car and he later spots the same kids from school vibing together.

In the end he feels encouraged about going up to approach them and introduces himself.

They pick out starters together and become friends, they play the games in different languages. 

It’s very, very cute. It’s a beautiful message to send that you can reach out to another person if your true and Pokemon was a push toward that, it really did a good job conveying how important friendship is. You can be friends with someone if you try, it’s just important you try to forge a bond with them and sometimes it can just happen naturally over anything. There’s something very touching and humanizing about this commercial, the music is very good vibe-ish and uplifting. The group of children is very diverse, once again showing people from many walks of life and colors uniting together to smile and have fun.