July 20th ‘16, Joint Birthday Celebration of Mom + Brother

It was a panned-out day weeks before. My eldest brother, Lau (the big guy you see in my Thirdwheel’s Journal) hitched us all up including his girlfriend and my sister’s months-long boyfriend for my mom’s 56th and my second older bro’s 22nd birthday. It was my first time in this buffet restaurant and I must say, it was an amazing pig-out day. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only first-timer to say so.

I went plate-hopping from Thai, to Japa-American, to a pinch of Italian and some desserts. By the time I reached the sweets, it was the end of me. I swear, I was finished. I barely finished all of the stuff I got on my plate. I gave some away instead. But above all the things I’ve noticed in the buffet, THEY WERE ALWAYS RUNNING OUT OF TEMPURA HAHA

It was funny because every time the chefs would do a refill, the person in front would snatch them all away like they’re the only people in line. I do have regrets, though. I SHOULDN’T HAVE GOTTEN RICE IN MY FIRST PLATE. I’m so annoyed with myself that I didn’t get to try other things because of dump of Thai rice that I didn’t even like much.

After the feast, my sister, her bf, the birthday bro and I headed over to the actual MOA and as usual, the book stores. I didn’t get anything from National, as I was in a hunt for a book which they didn’t have. 

Fully Booked is such a heavenly place. *screams* Thank God, it’s around. I found the book I’ve been looking a physical copy of and I also got myself a Voodoo Doll (it’s a bag keychain thing, don’t worry) that says The Exam Passer on its collar. Who knows, it might just actually works its charm. Didn’t wanna risk it by leaving the store without it.

So yep, that concludes my 30 Day Blogging Challenge. I had an amazing day, and an equally amazing time doing all of the challenges within months before school starts!