Last weekend’s spread! My mom’s birthday and Perfume’s concert back to back ✨✨
Strategically using stickers to hide personal info like a pro 😜
Were any other studyblrs blessed by Perfume this weekend? I know that if I had any type of illness before, I am definitely cured now ✌🏼️



My month of September

“So many dew drops surround me I search for the sun, but it can’t be found. the countryside still slumbers, perhaps not, It’s awake, it watches me, I don’t know. Now the odor of earth, the scent of wheat waft towards me and the life in my chest slowly beats, I breathe in the mist, thinking of you. Everything around me is so green, and farther along the grass looks almost like a sea, while my thoughts fly lightly away I’m almost afraid they’ll get lost. A horse stretches its neck towards the pasture It stands still, like me, I take a step, he sees me, and has already run away I breathe in the mist, thinking of you. No, what I am now, I do not know. I am a man, a man in search of himself. No, what I am now, I do not know. I am only the sound of my footsteps, but for now the sun shines through the mist: the day, as always, will be.”

07132016 - 9:40pm

Sobrang katamaran ko kanina sa paggising ko palang pakiramdam ko wala ako matatapos na trabaho kanina pero buti nalang kabaligtaran ang nangyari. Salamat at nalabanan ko ang sarili kong katamaran. Hahahaha. Payroll is done at sasahod na bukas. Yey! Saan ba pwede pumunta this weekend? Hmmm.