at the fall out boy concert i went to patrick had to stop halfway through what a catch, donnie because he had started crying so he just kinda sat at his piano and looked out at the audience, who were all very quiet and had their phone torches out, and he said “you guys leave me speechless. good thing they gave me a microphone, huh? so i can keep talking.” and then he wiped his eyes and started twenty dollar nose bleed.

but the thing is that, even after all these years, after everything has gotten better and he’s probably sung that song more times than he’d care to count, he still gets emotional about it. because it’s about him as much as it’s for him, and pete wentz could have died but he didn’t, and his best friend still means the world to him.

and i think that was the most defining thing about patrick stump i’ve ever seen.

omg i was watching this interview with patrick about his weight loss and what not and he said that back when he first put the weight on pete was always rly sensitive and polite about it and would like never acknowledge it hed be like “oh hey you can borrow my shirt i think that shirt shrunk” and im c rying that so freaking cute i cant stop thinking about how cute that is

I remember looking at Pete and Patrick and telling Pete, “You’re the luckiest guy in the world because you found this guy.” Patrick laughed. Then I turned to Patrick and said the same thing to him. They fit together so perfectly. Pete listens to electronic music and pop. He DJs. Patrick likes old soul and classic R&B. The fact that Patrick found this guy with this vision; Pete had everything for the band laid out in his mind. And the fact that Pete found a guy who can sing like that and take his lyrics and work with them - which is an art unto itself. It’s really the combination of those two that really creates the sound and the songs. They’re just really lucky they found each other.” — Bob McLynn (x)