Parents need to stop staying in loveless marriages just because they have kids. Stop sacrificing your happiness just so your kids can grow up in a 2 parent household. It’s toxic for the kids to grow up watching a dysfunctional marriage because it warps their perception of what love actually is. I know they think they’re doing what’s best for everyone, but it’s really not.

You ever run into someone who’s so committed to being “random” that it’s actually completely predictable? Like:

“Okay, they’re going to say something inexplicable riiiiight abouuuuut… now.”

(precisely on cue) “Panda farts!”


Hi! So, March, Sunday the 8th … that doesn’t make sense. Sunday, the 8th of March! It’s International Women’s Day. This is very exciting. I hope that you will also be excited because I am going to be conducting a live Q&A in London, answering your questions about gender equality. I am also hoping that you might want to be a member of the audience. If you would like to be a member of the audience, there is a form on my Facebook page which you can fill out telling me how you are advancing gender equality, or telling me about how gender inequality has affected your life, or you can send me some questions. If you can’t be there in person, Facebook will be livestreaming the event, which is very exciting, and I hope that you will tune in and watch.