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I CAN’T i just can’t, there’s so much more to explore?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!? YOU KNOW WHAT I WANTED AND NEEDED?!         

•Dorian’s end (following Oscar Wilde steps) •John Clare in search of a meaning for his life •Lily’s journey to empower women •Jekyll turning into Mr Hyde 

•Vanessa and her DAMN AMAZING SQUAD (Ethan-Malcolm-Catriona-Victor- Dr Seward) in Egypt looking for all that Amonet stuff with the help of Mr Lyle. •Catriona and Vanessa BFFS with a cool flitartionship                             •Ethan and Vanessa finally together  •Victor learning how to be a seducer-alpha-man with Malcom •Victor and Dr Seward working together •Catriona and Malcolm in a Love-Hate relationship •Malcom and Dr Seward good partners and Vanessa’s mommy and daddy     



You are not alone. You never were. I have stood at the very edge. I have looked into the abyss. If I’d taken one more step, I would have fallen. But no matter how far I ran away from God, he was still waiting ahead.
—  Ethan Chandler

Dorian Gray: Be kind to yourself, Lily. Passion will undo the best of us and lead only to tragedy. It’s ever thus for those who care so deeply.

Lilly: Better not to care at all, Dorian?

Dorian Gray: In my experience.

Lilly: I don’t want to live like that.  

Dorian Gray: You’ll learn to, in time. 

Dorian Gray: Do you not yet comprehend the wicked secret of the immortal? All age and die, save you. All rot and fall to dust, save you. Any child you bear becomes a crone and perishes before your eyes. Any lover withers and shrinks into incontinence and bent, toothless senility. While you… only you… never age. Never tire. Never fade. Alone. But after a time you’ll lose the desire for passion entirely… for connection with anyone. Like a muscle that atrophies from lack of use. And one day you’ll realize you’ve become like them. Beautiful and dead. You have become a perfect, unchanging portrait of yourself.

Lilly: An eternity without passion? Without affection? Caring for nothing?

Dorian Gray: Small price to pay for such immortal perfection, isn’t it?

Lilly: Goodbye, Dorian. I hope they watch over you.

Dorian Gray: You’ll be back. And I’ll be here. I’ll always be here.