Keep Calm and Unleash Your Inner Demons

The week just isn’t the same without Penny Dreadful. How are The Dreadfuls supposed to vanquish our demons without Dorian, Vanessa, and the Demimonde?!

Stay strong, Dreadfuls! Our demons will be unleashed soon. 


Harry Treadaway Interview / Penny Dreadful #SDCC2014

Fans of Alex Price

There wasn’t any fan pages out there for him so I decided to create one. This is a fan made page for fans of Alex Price. He isn’t that well known but is a fantastic actor is starting to make an impression with TV roles in Father Brown & Penny Dreadful. I will keep the page running with relevant information so hopefully more fans will follow. Thanks.


He’s created a Monster (literally.) The Legend reborn on Penny Dreadful



Oh, and just to clarify, comic books are reading, especially with the mature themes and intricate storytelling in them today. If you don’t believe me, just ask Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, and James O'Barr. 

  • ALOHA FROM HELL by Richard Kadrey - This the first book I read by Kadrey. I found it in a tiny bookstore in the mall and realized it was in fact #3 in the Sandman Slim series. I didn’t care. I picked it up, read it and pretty soon I was backtracking to delve into the previous two entries. 
  • PAX OMEGA by Al Ewing - Easily the second strangest book I’ve read this month with a weird blend of alternative history, strange superhero pastiches and some brutal action. Strangely compelling. 
  • PENNY DREADFUL by Will Christopher Baer - The strangest book I’ve EVER read (and I read Kiss Me, Judas, the previous book to this one). Baer’s set up a hyper noir atmosphere in downtown Denver, which is as weird as it is impossible to look away from.
  • FOR TOMORROW - Brian Azzarello, Scott Williams and Jim Lee set up a great graphic novel. I love Superman–have since I was a kid. I may be a bit partial. But reading is reading and graphic novels are a great medium to relax from hardcore literature. 
  • BUTCHER BIRD by Richard Kadrey - Yes, I put Kadrey on here twice. It’s my list. I do what I want. Trust me, this novel will make the hairs stand up on your neck. You’ll never look at San Francisco the same way again. 

Vanessa was first introduced as a female Sherlock Homes type of profiler, and I thought YES, about time! Just about every possible variation of SH has been made… except for a woman. But where is that now? It would have been awesome if she had profiled Dorian on sight and terrified him (Dorian from the book fears nothing more than to be seen for who he is) but nope. What a loss of a great idea.

I’ve never seen Frankenstein, so I didn’t have anything to compare it to.  I just read what was in the script and went with that.  I read two-thirds of the novel, and then we started shooting.  The world that John Logan has created is so fertile and consuming and detailed that as soon as you turn up on set, you’re involved in something that is not something that you’ve seen before.  It didn’t feel like a rehash of anything.