Chicago P.D. Rewatch - S1E02 Wrong Side of the Bars

I’ve been given the go-ahead to run Intelligence - the way I want to run it. No interference. This is our unit now. You do things my way, our way, you’ll unclip your badge at night knowing you did right. The police standing next to you are your family. And to me, there’s nothing more important.

At this point in her academic career she’d learn to accept the concept of a well rounded student, but that didn’t mean she liked it anymore than when it was first introduced. Now she found herself sitting in some free elective writing class, trying to keep herself awake once again. She could have sworn that there was some unwritten but standard rule that every room should have a clock in it somewhere. Having left her watch back in her room, she tried to subtly glance around the room to figure out how much longer she’d have to suffer through this lecture. After finding nothing, she sighed and turned back to her notebook scribbling nonsense down. For someone who sat in the front row, she was awfully ballsy in showing that she didn’t care about the class, but what was anyone going to do about it? In her defense, even if she wanted to make an honest effort in the class, none of it made sense. In an effort to make a final attempt, she took a last glance at the lecture slides behind the professor and her face hid nothing in showing how much she actually understood.


Chicago P.D. Rewatch - S1E01 Stepping Stone

You ever heard the expression “10% percent of the cops do 90% of the work”?

cast: requested by Fefy (sort of)- Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey. *guest appearances by* David Tennant, Billie PIper, John Barrowman, and more.
genre: sci fi, romance.
song: Anything For You by Ludo

My ancestors planted some sequoias by a road 
I’ve driven down that road since I was born 
Oh, never have you ever seen so many perfect evergreens 
But I would chop them all down just for you 

I have walked a million miles in a hundred pairs of shoes 
In search of some universal truth 
Well a deity just came to me and handed me a scroll to read 
And I will gladly pass it on to you. 

Anything for you 
All of this is true 
But the best story that I could ever tell 
Is the one where I am growing old with you. 

synopsis: In the world of Doctor Who, in an alternate universe, it’s the Commander (Dempsey) who is forced to end the time war, becoming the very last Time Lord*. As he runs from the burning Gallifrey, he helps save Los Angeles from an invasion by the Autons, living plastic automatons animated by the Nestene Consciousness. He does this with the help of the beautiful, intelligent Dr. Jane Gray (Pompeo) whom he subsequently invites to be a companion in his travels. 

They journey through time and space in his TARDIS, saving planets and seeing the universe. Will the beauty of the universe pull them together? Or will the Commander’s reluctance to love such a fragile human push them apart?

Brought to you by SHO

*Time Lords are an ancient alien race from the planet Gallifrey who travel through time and space in a time machine called a TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space). As a way of cheating death they have a way of regenerating by changing every cell in their body to become essentially a new person*

Lost Time;

Once out in the street, Narcissa motioned for the Avox to hold the parasol a tad lower so it completely shielded the sun from her eyes. She ran a gloved hand down the skirt of her dress with to smooth out any wrinkles before turning back to the store owner to bid him goodbye. Cradled in her chest was a small book of designs for textile prints she and her personal stylist hand selected for Narcissa’s summer wardrobe. It was better to get one of a kind fabrics from the production source than to wait until they were released to any old Capitol boutique–she has to set the trend, not follow it, after all. While it wasn’t necessary for Narcissa to travel all the way to District 8 to order her textiles, she had experienced enough mishaps with the color and the design of her clothes to know that she has to see and test the fabric against her complexion before she sent it off to be made into a work of art. 

She looked down to watch her step–some of the Districts were known to be more filthy, she had learned–and started walking, her Avox following close behind. Next on her day’s schedule was to look for the particular silk embroidery thread her mother liked, a gift Narcissa always got for Druella since she had first discovered the brightly dyed thread complemented any of her mother’s projects. As she made her way down the street, Narcissa could feel the all-too familiar stares of District 8’s inhabitants bore on her, probably noting the peculiar Capitol dweller in her light silk dress and heeled shoes strolling along as if nothing about the place disturbed her. 

It’s not as if Narcissa wasn’t bothered, she just was more or less used to hiding her disgust for the outer Districts. She keeps her chin high and her wand concealed on her person each time, the look on her face cold and even challenging to have someone dare come up to her and speak to her like an equal. 


May or may continue a photo diary with the photos from my phone. Hmm. Anyway:

1. Cya ‘dondo
2. Chloe shredding da gnar
3. Lines
4. Daisies ft. me
5. Coincidence or
6. I am the son of rage & love (shrooms)
7. Pre
8. Zine preview ft. high waisted shorts & thigh highs

Não quero te prender há mim, quero te deixar livre. Se um dia você quis partir, foi escolha sua. Mais se um dia você quiser voltar, lembre-se que aquela menina que te amava, e faria tudo por ti, já não é a mesma aquela menina que você deixou pela última vez.  (p-d)