Love Can Heal (Prologue)

 Pairing: Paul Lahote X Reader / Emmett Cullen X Ex!Reader

 Word count: 335

 Part 1

 I don’t remember when it started.

 The first year after my parents were gone I played well. I smiled. I laughed. I tried. That was when my uncle and aunt bought a beautiful small house in Forks to spend the holidays. I met Emmett on Christmas. I was fine, I felt the pain, but was able to deal with it. Suddenly it clicks. I don’t know why, or how. But it comes back to me, hitting me like a brick wall, throwing me down.

 After a lot of fights, arguments and him struggling to keep me okay, Emmett was scared to lose me for my silver blade, the one I hid in my bathroom.

 I couldn’t take it. I couldn’t take the weight of the guilty of what I caused. Those nightmares came every night and I never had the chance to say I’m sorry. Everything turned upside down and Emmett knew it when he offered me to become like him sooner than we planned. And I said I don’t wanna be immortal. I broke his heart because he knew I was saying that I wanted to die. And death means leaving him.

 Carlisle told him it would be better if we didn’t meet again. Maybe he was the trigger; maybe I couldn’t deal with this new world he showed me. We sold the house on Forks and he never told me goodbye. But it was better this way. One less person to suffer for me.

 Two years after that, I’m worse. My uncle and aunt know exactly what I do, but there’s nothing they can do to help, not anymore. They just try to keep me breathing. I gave up trying to pretend. I don’t hear what they say because I honestly don’t care.

 Don’t get me wrong, I love them, I just rather be on my own with my guilty and suffering. And that’s how my life goes.