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Paul: Your boy’s getting boned day after day after day. Let’s paint Paul’s picture so far in the house. Have-Nots two weeks off the bat, boom! Block– three weeks, done! Nose infection, immediately– pissed. HOH 2nd place, lost. POV, 2nd place. Lost to the same person. Red tie– pissed, gone right off the bat. 

Day: Muffins, extra flour 

Paul: Muffins, extra flour– PISSED. Your boy can’t catch a break… teammate, insane. The 2nd Coming, Messiah–pissed. 

I hope you get America’s Favorite

Paul: I’m gonna get America’s Worst. They’re gonna take $25,000 out of my bank account 

the “im looking through you” singalong is almost as weird as the episode

george is captain of a boat i guess

he sees paul relaxing on a boat and hes in his way

goerge does his best to get paul to move

but pauls like “lol get a load of this dick”

and he angers george in no way he has ever been angered before

georges mind goes straight to murder and tries to shoot paul with missiles

paul returns with a sabmarine and goes under the water to hide from goegre

george then realizes the full effect what hes just done

he goes into a panic thinking paul actually died bc of him

and ringo is there but serves no purpose