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It hadn’t been any particular day. You were lounging at Emily’s house, waiting for your boys to get back. The guys were starting to call you the second ‘pack mom’ because you were always helping Emily when it came to taking care of them.

“Seth and Embry should be the first two back from the patrol, so Jacob should be leaving his place with Quil soon to take over for them. Those boys all work a tight shift with those Vampires in Seattle.” Emily spoke, wiping down the benches in the kitchen.

“I know. Paul comes home dead on his feet sometimes, it makes me wonder how he even makes it home alive driving.” You played with the sponge you were holding, wondering what your fiancé was doing now.

Emily nodded, a small frown on her scarred face. “I know what you mean, sometimes Sam comes home like that. Patrols take so much out of them.” She sighed.

“But they still keep going, trying to protect everyone. And I …” She looked lost for words. A helpless expression on her face. “I wish I could do more for them. Cooking and making sure there are spare clothes here for them all, having a place to crash when they get back … it’s just not enough. I want to help more.”

You understood the feeling well. The helplessness in all of it. And knowing your fiancé was out there, fighting off the Cold Ones as you wait for him on protected ground, made you sick. You hated waiting, and you definitely didn’t like not knowing if Paul was safe. 

All you could do was sit there, hoping Paul came home that night unharmed by those monsters that got too brave and ventured further towards Forks.

It made you resent that Swan girl… just a little.

Just then, a crash of weight on the front veranda sounded, along with the familiar voices calling out.

“Just us!” Called Embry, “No need to fear, the hero is here!”

You and Emily shared a playful expression at the voice.

“Yeah.” quipped Seth, “Embry is here too, don’t worry.”

Embry chortled. It took a few moments for them to come inside, no doubt changing into their clothes they left on the veranda.

“I feel like ‘no need to fear, the wolves are here’ is a better catch phrase -” Seth started as he made his way to the table between the kitchen and the couch.

You sat up from your sprawled position on the couch, yawning. It wasn’t late, but you were matching your sleep schedule to Paul’s so you were awake when he came home. You missed him and didn’t want abnormal sleep schedules to keep you apart.

You looked at the time and groaned. Paul wouldn’t be finished for another four hours. At least now with Seth and Embry there would be some more entertainment. It was never quiet when you were among wolves.

You looked over at the two, who were suspiciously quiet.

“What?” You said, looking at their astonished faces. “What is it?” They both had goofy looking smiles on their faces.

“When were you guys going to tell us?” Embry asked, eyes gleaming. In his mind, he was already calling shotgun on godfather.

You stared at the two of them.

Seth grinned. “You can’t keep something like that from us, you think we wouldn’t hear?”

“Uh… what?”

They didn’t answer straight away, quickly looking at each other. “Nothing. Never mind. Obviously, you and Paul want to keep this quiet …” Embry trailed off, his tone dipping lower.

You rolled your eyes.“You boys make no sense to me sometimes.” You flopped back down into your position from earlier, feeling more comfortable that way for some odd reason.

They didn’t respond, but they sat down at the table, backs hunched over as they had a private conversation between themselves.

Are they talking to the pack? You wondered. No, they needed to be in wolf form for that. They were just talking too quietly for you and Emily to hear.

Time slowly began to pass, the clock inching closer to midnight. Paul promised he wouldn’t be late.

When he finally arrived, you jumped up from your spot where you had been dozing in and out of consciousness to throw yourself into his arms. Normally dozing off wouldn’t happen while you waited for Paul to return, but lately you were just so tired.

Seth and Embry always seemed to try and hoard your attention, viewing you as the older sister they never had. (Or in Seth’s case, had but wished she was as cool as you.)

Boisterous conversations, bad puns and jokes exchanged, mild physical fighting (they always let you win because Paul would beat them up if they actually hurt you. You  purposely avoided this truth to protect your pride).

But strangely, the two were letting you rest. Hell, Seth even laid a blanket over you when you dozed off. And neither had raised their voices once since you spoke. Even Emily noticed their strange behavior, staring quizzically at them as they sat protectively close to you on the floor.

Paul’s arms closed around you immediately. You could feel his exhaustion. You would let him eat the meal Emily had prepared for the Pack and drive him home where he could catch up on much needed rest.

Paul looked over your head, which was nuzzled into his chest, breathing in his sent. His eyes caught sight of the two who were practically vibrating with excitement.

When Paul said nothing at first, Embry spoke.

Or rather, blurted it out.

“When were you guys going to tell us you’re having a baby?”

For a small moment, no air seemed exist in the room. You could feel Paul tense around you.

You slowly twisted in Paul’s arms, facing the two. “Huh?”

Seth grinned, still not realizing that you were clueless. “Seriously, we can hear the heartbeat, you think we wouldn’t know?”

You froze, looking unsure and expectantly at Paul for an answer.

Listening closely, Paul heard the faint sound of a beating pulse, too faint to have been noticed before.

“You’re pregnant.” The words dropped in a dazed whisper. “They’re right… I can’t believe I didn’t realize earlier.”

Seth and Embry shot up from the floor.

“YOU DIDN’T KNOW?” They boomed in sync, making you groan as the sound echoed in your ears.

Hopefully the baby didn’t take after the wolves.

Paul: I’m not the bully

Also Paul

•Bullied Bridgette to the point of having a breakdown and bragged about it

•Started the original “Fake titties” and treated Natalie like shit

•Called Michelle a c-nt

•Calls Josh “The Blob”

•Comes up with a brilliant plan to antagonize Cody and hopes he gets expelled by punching someone in the house

•Goes through with the plan, and had ten people literally attack 2 people and also has them bark like dogs.

Lol. Okay. Girl. Bye.

I am so done with Paul. He can go.

Little height difference relationship things

- Jaw bone kisses. Small has to be on their toes and tall is very amused
- tall slouching down so small can kiss them on the cheek
- small standing on top of an object and saying they are taller than tall but they’re shorter even standing on an object
- every hug causes small to have to bury their face in talls chest otherwise it’s awkward.
- small not being able to reach stuff. Tall finds this amusing. Small is a ball of rage. Tall gets the thing down but not without laughing at smalls plight.
Based of the experiences of a very short person with an SO who is around 10-11 inches taller than them.