You know how almost everyone says Anxiety is so relatable?

Well I mean, he is– quite a lot. But have you ever paid attention to Morality? He’s pretty relatable to me too. Because when he says he’s hurt and stuff, he says it happily. Straight up, but in a happy tone. I do that all the time. A big one is, “Well I’m hopelessly crushed!”. 
I don’t know. Just– yeah.

I did this for @koalabear73 because she’s as sweet as honey!! It’s papa bear Patton in a Winnie the Pooh onesie. Patton is such a sweetie it reminds me of koalabear73. I hope you enjoy!! @vortexart (they run the ask morality blog so I can’t not tag them lol) @pansexualroman @velocifoxy (again if you want to be tagged or just talk message me!!)

Vanilla Twilight

A/N Based off the song by Owl City! @lampisimportant​ this was mostly written for you but like that’s sappy so I’m just gonna tag you and stop rambling okay bye.

Pairing: moxiety (Morality/Anxiety)

Genre: fluff, AU, human AU, long-distance relationship

Word Count: 1340


Ann can’t sleep, but he can’t exactly text his boyfriend either. Instead, he chooses to miss him.

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