What paradise is for each MBTI type

ISTJ: A respected work where all their coworkers are productive, so correct and dependable.

ISTP: Alcohol, a mom that feed them without worrying or asking them about what they do and a repair shop.

ISFJ: A little house in front of the sea, with a lot of time, flowers and novels to read.

ISFP: A month of vacations somewhere with beach, mountain, desert, large forests, cliffs and meadows, everything so beautiful. With a photo camera.

INTJ: Wikipedia + their own lab.

INTP: A great library full of old books about subjects they’re interested in (which are a lot) where nobody can interrupt them.

INFJ: Someone who understands them and admires and promotes their blog about how they feel/think.

INFP: A work which let their imagination flow and a boss who doesn’t believe in punctuality.

ESTJ: Being the president of a great, respected nation.

ESTP: 100 coupons for free extreme sport sessions. All of them.

ESFJ: Being the mother/father/teacher of actually nice but a bit messy children who need them and thanks them for their help every day. 

ESFP: Living in a city with a lot of parties, beautiful and nice people and alcohol, where’s forbbiden working or being stressed.

ENTJ: A minion’s army working to became reallity their ideas and moral principles and, sometimes, making them laugh.

ENTP: Having someone who listens to everything what they say, asks them about their opinion, and discusses with them without getting angry.

ENFJ: Being John Keating (Captain) from Dead Poets Society.

ENFP: Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, Oompa Loompas included.