yesterday, i was mugged and the attacker was like “your money or your life”. then, however, he noticed my panic! at the disco tshirt and asked me if i was a fan. i was a little shook but i nodded “yes”, so he said “well then you’re Far Too Young To Die”. he seemed really pleased with that pun because we went to starbucks where he made me buy him an iced chai latte. he had the barista write “ryan” on the cup even though he told me his name was brian. he really likes ryan ross. we spent the rest of the afternoon theorising about what happened in cape town and the whole sun/moon dilemma. sadly, brian doesn’t have a tumblr.

tru story.

can we PLEASE stop throwing around the phrase ‘panic attack.’ panic attacks are not feelings of stress. they are intense bursts of anxiety and fear that cause severe physical symptoms. i am aware that everyone experiences panic attacks differently and some are certainly not as bad as others, but do. not. use. that. phrase. to. describe. slight. internal. anxiety. panic attacks are much much worse than that and can even be traumatizing and cause physical illness. stop!!! throwing!!! the!!! phrase!!! around!!!!!! it is highly insensitive and invalidates people’s experiences who struggle with panic attacks and/or have panic disorder.