Block B - YESTERDAY Official Music Video

[BLOCK B OFFICIAL] Hello. This is Seven Seasons.

Pyo Jihoon(PO)’s mother has passed away from a chronic disease.

While Pyo Jihoon and his family were participating in her funeral with sadness in their hearts, and said his last farewells to his mother.

To the family of the deceased, the procedure of the funeral will be kept confidential to the media and to the fans and the coffin will be buried on the 29th in the morning. We won’t say anything else aside from that. All of the fans, please give us your understanding.

Please pray respectfully for the deceased.

My thoughts and prayers go to Pyo Jihoon and his family. It’s sad hearing the news of his mother’s passing, I hope he and his family are surrounded with the love and comfort of their family and friends. Mama Jihoon did a great job of raising and taking care of his only son (and I believe a great mom and supporter to the rest of Block B members too). I love him (he’s my ult) and it makes my heart hurt knowing that I can’t actually do anything to comfort him. It’s also heartbreaking to know that it would be his first time to have his birthday without his mom.  He is always such a happy and lively kid I can’t even imagine how he is hurting right now, but I know he is strong and he’ll get through it with the help of everyone who loves him. RIP Mama Jihoon, may you travel safely to that better place.