@ 4:40 - 6:47 (Kyung’s turn to ask Taeil a question)
KYUNG: There’s something I really want to ask, and everyone is probably very curious about it too. 
FANS: His height!
TAEIL: You already know my height!
KYUNG: It’s something i’m personally very curious about… your relationship with P.O..? It’s really weird, seriously. When we’re on stage they play together at the back and whisper in each other’s ears. What is it? What relationship do you have with him?
TAEIL: Once I was looking around on the internet and I found this thing, fic? you know when they make up couples?
KYUNG: Oil, oil? (T/N: oil/오일 is p.o + taeil, basically what kbbcs call taepyo)
P.O: There’s so much of it
TAEIL: I read one, and the story was so weird. Like “Jiho put his hand on Kyung’s thigh as he was studying” and stuff like that
KYUNG: No, no, me and him-
ZICO: (pointing to audience) I know all of you have written something like that at least once, stop acting like you don’t know!
KYUNG: Me and him live together and before he goes out to work on songs, he ties me up. He’s actually done that before so please don’t write those things. Okay so whats your relationship?
TAEIL: Firstly… in the stories Jihoonie is the guy and i’m always shown as the girl
P.O: Ah stop it!
TAEIL: In our group, our strength is that we are all close. Some other groups have members that don’t get along but we all get along. But I guess out of the members, Jihoon and I have similar hobbies such as liking clothes which brings us closer because we go out to buy clothes together. And on stage, all the other members are good at dancing so Jihoon and I tend to just go to the back. Then fans take pictures of us together. I like how fans see us in a cute way but making us into a couple is just… and what’s worse is i’m the girl.