My peak trans moment… Where do I even start?

A “trans girl” saying that he would put tampons up his ass… to simulate periods? And I think I even remember him saying that it made him aroused… What the fuck.

“Gender”/being a woman or girl or man or boy defined as a fucking feeling. Over and over again. A violent man on here defined “gender identity” as a “private, personal sense of your own gender”… when saying that otherkin is also “gender identity”.

Basically equating femininity with MAKING you female. Like holy fucking shit. And for the record, a man wearing makeup is not “feminine” or GNC. Femininity is so much more than just makeup and of course men would think that’s all it means. As Sheila Jeffreys titled one of her chapters in Beauty and Misogyny, femininity is the behavior of subordination. 

Q-theorists (often calling themselves “tucute”) would also always be denouncing people with sex dysphoria arguing that only people with sex dysphoria can be trans as “truscum”.

“PoC genders” or “non-white genders” being used as a gotcha’. Newsflash, patriarchy manifests itself in different ways across cultures.

The entire idea biological sex is a fucking social construct. Because intersex people.

Something along the lines of “depending on race and class, it’s entirely possible to adopt female narratives”. Adopt female narratives?

A woman I used to look up to also arguing that female and male socialization is “adopted”. Like she said “saying you’re socialized according to your genitals is a slippery slope”… I can’t believe I ate that shit up. “Trans women” saying that they were subject to closeted trans woman socialization? Like the entire idea that “trans women” are female socialized. Their explanation was literally “oh yeah we were aware of being male socialized and were uncomfortable with it, thus we knew that female socialization that we witnessed was actually meant for us ” Oh yeah because being treated as if you are superior from fucking birth is so fucking uncomfortable and something male children can recognize and reject from day 1 lmao.

That same woman I used to look up to saying that “the trans women I know don’t say they have dicks, as “dick” is a heavily gendered word. They actually say they have a clit!” So basically her argument was… there are “female gendered” penises and “male gendered” penises. Which ties in with the rape-advocating idea of the “cotton ceiling”.

The fact that I literally never once saw “trans women” attacking or even mentioning how “cis” gay men need to be attracted to vaginas or that straight men need to love dick or else they’re a transphobic/”transmisogynistic”bigot. No, I literally just saw lesbians being attacked 24/7 for not liking dick. And then those same “trans women” saying things like “lmao we don’t even want to fuck you! We don’t want you filth to have sex with us but you’re still complicit in the murder of trans women because you don’t like dick”, as if that doesn’t sound exactly like a straight guy angry at women not wanting to fuck him. 

And of course, now it’s radikool to make fun of periods, vulvas, vaginas, etc.

The fact that even when I literally asked for help trying to reason out how “trans women” are women without being a woman defined as a feeling or a choice and then being given the unsatisfying answer that “No, of course it’s not a feeling! It’s offensive to “trans women” to say that it’s just a feeling! No, trans women just have magical receptors in their brain that only accept female socialization and reject male socialization from day 1! But no, no, we’re not saying that “gender” is innate!”

A male denying that he was a guy by telling me that “gender was forced upon me so I reject gender”.

Tons of male leftists making violent comments about “TERFs” or simply distancing themselves from male violence by acting like they are above “TERFs”, including one who had no problem liking a “TERF”’s selfies until she along with other women spoke against another male leftist for saying something along the lines of “if you agree with this TERF, you can go choke on big fat horse cock”.

I also saw many indirect claims that “TERF"s and “SWERF"s lie about rape. The way they implied it was insidious then, but clear as day to me now. They’d say things that basically amounted to saying "TERFs lie about being raped by trans women” and “SWERFs lie about sex trafficking”, all in a way that looked radikool.

A former male “friend” of mine- who tried to justify his bullshit later on by calling it a “joke” after pretending to learn better- sending me a picture of a “transwoman” who went to great lengths to masquerade as a woman by slathering make up on their face and giving a coy expression, asking if I would be uncomfortable if I saw “her” in a women’s bathroom, and then sending me a picture of another “transwoman” who was indistinguishable from other men in every way except for maybe the makeup on his face, asking the same question. His intention was to act like clearly the “transwoman” who put far much more effort into looking feminine was the real woman here, as if performing femininity as it relates to appearance totally set “her” apart from the FELLOW MAN who simply didn’t bother trying as hard. Let what this typical male freak’s idea of what a woman is sink in. When I pointed out this bullshit he pathetically asked, “well aren’t they seen as women, like by society?” Lmao. It makes this quote come to mind.

“I am grateful that the idea of “living as a woman” really doesn’t signify for me anymore. I’m an adult human female, so I’m a woman. If I’m breathing, I’m living as a woman. Even though I have/have had sex dysphoria. Even though I am “gender nonconforming” and wouldn’t paint a “femininity” target on myself the way I used to, if you paid me. Even though I am an outlier among females in some profound ways. Even though I have passed as male. Nothing I do or feel can ever make me not a woman. Once that would have sounded like the worst kind of trap, but it turns out that knowledge is crucial to taking the power out of all forms of gender obsession for good. Being able to somatize this knowledge has fundamentally altered my relationship to even my sex dysphoria.”— Early Detransition = Hyper-vulnerability to Sex Role Stereotypes (via redressalert)

I don’t even know how long it was, but I think it was 2 years of me just repeating the mantra “trans women are women” in my head to ignore all this shit… Until I finally decided to see reality.

I used to think genderist/q-theorist bullshit was minor enough to ignore, but then I remembered that people who write and agree with this bullshit online also exist offline. That’s why as a freshman in high school I overheard a teenage girl talking about how she wasn’t a girl because something about the “gender binary”- I don’t recall what she said very well, but I remember thinking about what she said. Bullshit trans ideology is also the reason my freshman molecular biology teacher “taught” the class about “brain sex” (”male and female brains are wired differently”, “you can have a male body but a female brain”) because he saw the same bullshit on the extremely popular YouTube channel SciShow (I saw that particular video, it was also equating femininity with being a woman) and why the girl who sits next to me in history class says she’s not a girl or a boy just because she’s GNC and thinks feminine = female. And just reading the blogs of teenage girls like me literally saying they’re something along the lines of “masc-agender flux but identify as gay so I gotta stick with calling myself a boy” talk about how they’re scared and uncomfortable because they’ve taken the lie so far that they literally use the men’s bathrooms…

I’ve seen multiple sides of genderist/q-theorist Hell. There’s the ones whose bullshit I see deconstructed often by genderists themselves, you know the whole “gender identity is a feeling/brain sex/mental state/woman = feminine” and then there’s the other side of the coin, which is pretty much the same thing, but dressed up in leftist language. At first, I believed in the former, but for a long time I was duped by the latter, which I now view as more dangerous. Like, the faux radical q-theorists sound agreeable enough at first. They assert that yes, male and female socialization exists and that “gender identity” is an offensive idea, but then they start getting into bullshit by making up crap like “trans woman socialization is when you realize that male socialization is misdirected at you and you’re uncomfortable with it and thus you’re indirectly female socialized” and “biological sex is a social construct with no firm basis in reality because intersex people exist, so you’re not actually directly socialized from birth according to your perceived sex”. Same snakes, different faces. Like especially with the bullshit idea of “trans woman socialization is when you know female socialization is meant for you”, it’s literally just “brain sex” dressed up in different language because it implies there’s something innate about being female other than you know, being fucking female by sex that you simply “realize” or “discover” some day. That’s why I was duped for so long.

I know that no male would ever receive the flak/harassment that I’ve seen women get for acknowledging these basic facts. It’s actually a little funny, in a disgusting way. That former male “friend” of mine, for example, was never questioned by his female friends about being “transphobic”, whereas if you visited their blogs, they would talk about “TERFs” quite a bit. The woman I used to admire, who is an extremely popular blogger of course, will surely make some snide comments about this if she ever saw it, throwing some bullshit jargon together and shitting it out to continue acting like “transwomen” are women. I could go on and on but this is long enough.


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