“When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman, and a ride home.”

The Outsiders (1983) dir. Francis Ford Coppola
‘Outsiders’ Series Finale: Creator Says ‘We’re Ready to Go’ With Season 3
WARNING: This interview about “Unbroken Chain,” the WGN America series finale episode of Outsiders, contains spoilers

All are questions that remain unanswered at the end of the Outsiders Season 2 finale, and now that the drama has been canceled by WGN America, only a new network home can ensure that we ever get answers. Yahoo TV talked to Outsiders creator Peter Mattei about the show’s future, the stories he still has to tell if there is a Season 3, and about the mysteries he and the writers did solve in the finale (hint: that little boy really was Big Foster’s son, Elon). And Mattei asks that the show’s fans continue to show their Farrell love on social media, in the hopes of keeping the Farrells and their friends (and enemies) alive in TV land.

anonymous asked:

running away w sodapop hcs?

sure :)

- so much giggling it’s insane

- “Wait so are we really doing this?” “I don’t know are we?” “I have no idea oh my gosh,” “Let’s do this. Why not” “Ok, are you sure, though?”

- telling secrets you never told anybody else

- cuddling at night

- seeing an abandoned puppy and immediately deciding you want him to join you guys on your runaway.

- walking on the train tracks

- singing to each other because there is no radio so what else would you do????

- feeling like you never ran away from home

- because you know that this is home, being alone with Sodapop