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Y/N: Pony! Can’t you just let me do somethin’ on my own for once? 

Pony: I’m in charge or  have ya forgotten? I gotta keep an eye on you and I damn well am…

Y/N: I know. I’ve seen where your eyes land, Ponyboy Curtis.

Pony: Can ya blame a guy?

Y/N: I can damn well try…

Who Could Ever Love You, Dallas Winston? [Part 2]

Helloooooooooooo everyone!! This a part 2 for this has been requested for a very long time and I finally got around to it! I hope you like it x

You were still hanging around the guys, but no one had really seen Dallas in weeks.

Well, you hadn’t, that is. Steve and Soda claim that they saw him walking around downtown with the Shepard gang a week ago. You sigh. Soda was working on a car a few feet away, and Steve was up front working with a customer. Johnny was probably with Pony, and Two-Bit had probably spent the majority of last night drinking. Darry was working, as per usual, and you had nothing better to do.

“Hey, Y/N?” Soda asks, sticking his head out from behind the hood. You nod.

“You know what’s up with Dally?” He asks, scratching the back of his neck. You weren’t nearly as bad as Dallas, but Soda knew that you had a temper on you, and he wasn’t sure that he wanted to mess with that. Your eyes narrow, but you shrugged.

“He was being an asshole. I was sick of it.” You tap your fingers on the table you were sitting on. You suddenly didn’t want to be there. Soda nods, and you hop off the table. “Hey, I’m gonna get going. See you later.” He waves slightly and you walk out of the garage.

You walk down the street and play with the cuff of your jacket. A car rumbles in the distance before Buck’s T-Bird comes into view. He slows down and stops next to you.

“Hey, Y/N!” He calls through the open window. You stop and lean down.

“What brings you round here, Buck?” You ask.

“Thought I might find you. Listen, we got a bit of a problem over at my place…  Think you could do some good.” He says. Your eyes narrow, but you open the door to the car and climb in.


By the time you had pulled up to his place, you were wondering what on earth could be wrong. Buck wasn’t the brightest… but he was a grown man, and could handle most things. A feeling of dread settled on your shoulders. What the hell did Dallas do? You suddenly sat up straighter, ready to get out the moment Buck stopped the car. What if he was hurt? Stupid, stupid Dallas… He was always getting himself into trouble, and if he had gone and gotten himself hurt, you would kill him.

You jump out once Buck rolls to a stop and head straight for the door. You pull it open and march inside. You immediately look around and spot a head of white-blond hair at the kitchen table. You all but run over to it.

Dallas is shirtless, and his head is bowed down over a mug of brown liquid. You had never really known Dallas to be a coffee drinker (you would later learn that he was desperate… anything to get rid of the headache.)  

“Fuck.” You mumble, immediately kneeling down beside him and wrapping your arms around you. He jerks up and turns to you, his eyes startled.

“Y/N?” He exclaims. His voice is thick, and it sounds slightly off.

“You jerk!” You say, hitting his back and wrapping your arms tighter around him. He winces at the violent motion but slowly wraps his arms around you. “I thought you were hurt! Buck said that something was wrong over here and… fuck, Dallas! You could’ve been dead!” You say, pulling away and looking at him. Then you truly see him.

His eyes are puffy and red. His hair is slightly damp though, as though he had just taken a shower. He looked hungover, but something else too. You reach your hand up and place it on the side of his face, running your thumb gently over his eyes as they flutter shut and then down his cheek. He sniffs and his expression hardens. Dallas had been crying. You don’t know where Buck had gone, but you now know what he meant when he had said there was a problem.

“I ain’t dead.” He finally mumbles, and you nod. He opens his eyes again, and they widen slightly when he sees that you too are crying.

“I’m so sorry, Dallas; I’m so sorry.” You say as you gasp in air before leaning in and kissing him. You kissed him hard, harder than you had ever kissed any boy before. But those boys weren’t like Dallas. Dallas doesn’t move at first, completely overwhelmed by the feeling of your body pressed against his and your lips on his. He had never felt you that way before. His arms wrap around you and he pulls you closer, bringing you up slowly from where you had been kneeling on the floor. You finally pull away and straighten your back. You move slowly, giving him time to react, lowering yourself onto his lap. He looks at you and you stare right back.

“I lied.” He says slowly. You raise an eyebrow.

“What?” You ask, wiping the tears from your cheeks.

“I lied. I do,” He cleared his throat. “I do love you.” He says quietly, and rubbing at your face is suddenly pointless, because you let out yet another sob.

“I love you Dallas. I could love you Dallas, so much.” You say. His hand rubs your thigh, and you hold his face, your forehead resting on his. He wasn’t letting go again.

“Dally had spent three years on the wild side of New York and had been arrested at the age of ten. He was tougher than the rest of us— tougher, colder, meaner. The shade of difference that separates a greaser from a hood wasn’t present in Dally. He was as wild as the boys in the downtown outfits..”  - S.E. Hinton The Outsiders


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Pony: Soda! Will you quite it?! 

Soda: I won’t quite till you hit that. 

Pony: Soda!

Soda: Sorry, lil Brother! - Actors read from The Outsiders novel - The Outsiders Audiobook - The Outsiders Auditions - part 2 - Alternate Ending

You’re welcome


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Dally: Here.

Y/N: Dally…you can’t keep stealing things for me…especially things I don’t need…

Dally: I just want to be able to give you stuff is all…

Y/N: I know and I appreciate it, but one of these days you’re gonna get caught…

Preference IV.

Your first time..








His Favorite Thing About You [Personality]


Ponyboy likes how excited you get about the things you love. Even if it’s something that he couldn’t possibly understand – like a book or song you’d found – he loved listening to you talk about it. Your eyes light up and your voice gets just a little bit louder and occasionally you’ll grab him or shake him because you’re so excited, and he just grins stupidly and stares at you, dumfounded as to how he got you.


Sodapop likes how quick-witted and lively you are. You always seemed to be a step ahead, and it always keeps him on his toes. Even the gang can see how Soda has finally met his match – someone who isn’t too slow for him, someone who can keep up with his maddeningly fast pace of living. You’re alive. Not just surviving, but living in a way that’s not excessive in possessions, but more than enough in feeling, in passion, and you’re doing it all with Sodapop Curtis; and man, is he happy to go raise havoc with you.


Darry likes how selfless you are. He never seemed to see the quality in himself, but when he looks at you and sees how you had stay up to talk to him after work despite the exhausting day you had, or how you always help Pony go over his homework even though he knows that you would rather be sitting with him, he realizes how often you’re putting others before yourself, and he loves it. He thinks it shows that a certain reliability – one that the gang, and he, needs.


Dally likes how clever you are. He was a smart guy, and though he would never admit it, he knew when someone was smarter than him; and you were. Not just in the street way, either. You could talk to Pony about school for hours, or have a conversation with Darry that no one else could really keep up with. Yet, you also knew your way in the streets. The East side was rough, but you knew how to manage yourself. You knew what you had to say and you said it, and he loved it.


Johnny likes how eloquent you are. You rarely seem to struggle with words, and you often use language that should be above him, but somehow you never make him feel dumb like everyone else does. He’ll ask you what something means and you’ll grin and go into depth explaining, never doubting him like most others do.


Two-Bit likes your strange understanding of him – not only do you always seem to get his offbeat humor, but you seem to get him in ways that others haven’t. After being deemed the joker of the group, the idea that Two-Bit was anything else seemed to be silly to everyone else. But when you sat there with your big eyes staring at him, absorbing every word he said, and then you understood… Man, Two-Bit knew that you were the one.


Steve likes how gentle you are. Even when you’re loud, you’re somehow never violent – and not violent in the physical way, though you were never that either – but violent in the loud, imposing manner that many greasy girls were. You were never rough, and you even when you gave a loud, lively laugh it was always warming. There was something about being around you that made people feel tranquil, and although Steve hates to admit It, it makes him feel safe.

Not So Tough

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Fandom: The Outsiders

Pairing: Dally x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  Hey I’ve read your imagines where dally is super tough around everyone else but really nice and protective and a softie around you and I was wondering if you could possibly do a reader insert like that? Sorry if you already have and I just missed it

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