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Tamaki likes to call Kyoya weird pet names to piss him off. Its canon that he calls him “mom” and “wifey” or something so why not take it one step further with “honey” and “sugar “ and “sweetie pie”

But of course Kyoya is a pretentious fuck so regular pet names are a no go so Tamaki has to get creative. “doll face” he says and Kyoya rolls his eyes. “Baby doll” “Queen bee” “my love, my life” and all of these face a look that clear says “that’s the best you can do” so Tamaki breaks out the old slang dictionary, but he figures why stick to one language when he can choose anything from English to French. And why stick to one time period? So then Tamaki gets creative.

“What’s eating you, paper shaker?” “How’s it going Sheba?” “What’s the word humming bird?” “My dearest doudou.” “You on the level baby vamp?”

And the last one sticks. And forever more Tamaki calls Kyoya “baby vamp.“

A Date with Tamaki

Admin:  This is part of a one-time-only series featuring host x guest.

Guest:  Oh Tamaki, take me away from this horrid place!  I’ve had the worst week ever!  My parents limited my monthly income to just $10,000, my hair isn’t silky smooth because of the humidity, and I have to wait until tomorrow for my shipment of mega expensive and especially designed for me make up to come in!  

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Tamaki:  *gasp*  That’s terrible, Princess!  Here, why don’t we go on a romantic  adventure so you can forget all your woes.  *grabs her hands*  Look deep into my eyes, count to 10, and you’ll immediately feel better.  

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Guest:  Oh Tamaki… *blush* 

*1 hour later*  

Guest:  You brought me to a commoner’s playground?  

Tamaki:  Of course!  What could be more romantic than a stroll in a park?  Sure there are commoners here, but you said yourself you wanted to forget your troubles!  Oh look!  A swan boat on the pond!  Let’s go!  We can pedal around for a while!

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Guest:  *internal soliloquy*  … Manual labor?!?!?!  Maybe he’ll take off his jacket and roll up his sleeves *swoon* 

Tamaki:  *oblivious to guest when faced with the compelling charms of commoner life* 


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Hey would you be able to share the “you may now KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE” video? I can’t find it and I need to watch it 264688766788 more times    

Here you go.

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When you’re reading a fanfic in public and a smutty scene that you weren’t expecting comes up

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Ouran High School Host Club
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she's thinking: Why hasn't Ouran High School Host Club gotten more seasons? The manga went on for a few more volumes and it was probably one of the best anime in the mid 2000s and had themes that were ahead of its time. It is more than deserving of a sequel and it should get one immediately!