Depressive aura

Symptoms (accident, misfortune, that which befalls): lethargy, apathy and insomnia…
Need to meditate and medicate…

Weeping willows, and weeping widows.

The cemetery had a quiet beauty in summertime daylight as a solider, in his coffin, marched amidst tears and mournful trumpets. Beside him, his weeping widow, beside herself with grief, and the weeping willows, whistling wistfully beside her.

Chaotic minds think alike

I am an angel with demons, liquor whore - liquid cure for my horrors. Little girl, what’s the matter? It’s the nuclear confusion, the cochlear combustion… But I enjoy it. One cannot escape the mind after all. And by one I mean me, and you too if you so wish. Two of us can only begin a love affair amidst the chaos. An orgy with the infinite holy trinity. Do you understand any of this at all? I don’t.

Sunday morning, rain is falling...

One early Sunday morning, I stood by my window listening to rainfall on the road and river. The ambiance had a quiet audience up to the horizon. The wet streets glistened from yellow streetlights and amber traffic-lights and my eyes followed the raindrops catch light on the black granite. I was held in a trance by its golden dance. And hypnotised by footsteps of raindrops and anchored sailboats, I felt and slept like I was the only one in the whole world.