This Is A Song About Fucking. 5SOS OT4, rated explicit. 15,438 words. Luke’s really ready to lose his virginity, and who better to help than the three boys he loves most in the world? (This is actually a song about boyfriends.) Also on AO3

Going to bed at ten last night was probably not Luke’s brightest idea, but he’s not hating the fresh morning air and chance to swim alone. This early Los Angeles looks as tired as Luke feels, like it’s just waking up same as he is. It’s nice out here in the quiet, cool water lapping around him as he stares out over the city. He likes being alone, knowing the guys are close.

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2NE1 are sisters, best friends and most importantly, they are family. They are going thru the hardest time in their career but they never left each other. They know how we feel about them performing without Bom but they still did it for us Blackjacks while never forgetting to acknowledge Bom’s importance. True friendship means nobody will get left behind. They always got each others’ back ♥♥♥