2NE1 are sisters, best friends and most importantly, they are family. They are going thru the hardest time in their career but they never left each other. They know how we feel about them performing without Bom but they still did it for us Blackjacks while never forgetting to acknowledge Bom’s importance. True friendship means nobody will get left behind. They always got each others’ back ♥♥♥  

Okay but can we talk...

For a long, long time I’ve had this thing with Bokuto/Akaashi/Kuroo/Kenma. And I really just need to express myself rn because I see a lot ship hate in tags and I just want to put out my opinions.

Bokuto : he’s a very sexually charged person, but more along the lines that he seeks the thrill and the passion and affection from the act itself. He will admit to being pan/poly but has only had single sexual experiences with a few females, Kuroo and Akaashi. Kuroo and Akaashi both know that Bokuto can be pretty fragile at times and susceptible to bouts of depression so they take it on themselves to make sure they’re there to support him in whatever way.

Akaashi : Akaashi is a little more difficult to gauge, I think he’s somewhere on the border of being demi-sexual to being ace. He cares for Bokuto but doesn’t see romance and intimacy in the same way and it’s not something that he’s concerned about. He’s Bokuto’s support and though Kuroo knows him as well, Akaashi knows him on a deep, personal level and do whatever he can to lift Bokuto’s spirits, even if it’s to give him the intimate affection he craves.

Kuroo : Kuroo is openly bi and poly and has a very intense sexual relationship with Bokuto and it works well for them because they respect each other. With Kenma, Kuroo is very protective, maybe even a little possessive. He loves Kenma, as far as he’s concerned Kenma is his soulmate but he respects him enough to not push him for anything. He’s content to just sit with Kenma while he plays video games or when Kenma is feeling down to just pull him into his lap and just comfort him for as long as he needs.

Kenma : Kenma is straight up ace. Maybe even slightly aromantic. He loves Kuroo a lot but he’s not sure if it’s in a romantic way. He just knows that he wants to be around Kuroo just as much as he needs to be around him. He doesn’t care for anything around him really, and has a great queer platonic relationship with Hinata, but Kuroo is the only person he feels this magnetic pull towards, and he’s not sure if that means a romantic kind of love and doesn’t sexualize Kuroo like he’s aware most girls do so it really confuses him. And it’s too troublesome to put that much thought into that when he knows Kuroo isn’t going anywhere and that Kuroo is happy just being with him.

And that’s how this love square is. This is my ot4. They’re all there for each other and respect each other. The four of them spend a lot of time together and Kenma and Akaashi bond over having to deal with the stupidity of Bokuto and Kuroo.

Things like Bokuto slapping Kuroo’s ass at practice and calling “No homo, bro,” and Kuroo just replying with this shit eating smirk, “That’s not what you were saying last night.”

Or Kuroo’s cheesy pick up lines to Bokuto like, “Is that a mirror in your pocket? Because I can totally see myself in your pants.” And he does this really awful eye brow wiggle and Bokuto lets it go right over his head like, “No? I don’t have a mirror in my pocket. I have one in my bag for my hair — wait, is there a hole in my pants? How do you see yourself — oh. Oooh.” And then Bokuto does the shitty eye brow thing too.

— I’m so done with those fucking dorks.

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hey, so some people have trouble getting to my masterlist on mobile, or it just doesn’t load, or IDK, but i’m posting it as a textpost (as well as a page on my blog) to see if it might for some reason work like this.


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oneshots/multiple-part smut:

  • calum— 1. cumming soon
  • ashton—’s not weird, 2.playtime pt 1
  • luke— 1. cumming soon
  • michael— 1. cumming soon
  • ot4 (4/4 and you)— 1. cumming soon



Daily Drabble 3-18-15

Prompt: Green
Pairing: SouMakoHaruRin
Rating: T


The little plastic dolphin charm was probably the cheapest thing in the entire store, and Makoto really wanted to get Haru something nicer, something more like the gifts he already had for Rin and Sousuke, but it was calling to him. It was sitting there, inconspicuous in a pile of other little plastic animals, staring up at him with big, soulful, plastic black eyes. He sifted the charms around a bit, wondering what other animals there were. Makoto sighed and dug the dolphin out of the pile, thinking that he could probably just give it to Haru along with something else, a sort of a bonus gift.

If he could find something else, that is. Makoto sighed again and moved on to the next store.

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