stuff topp dogg would never say

Jenissi: the hell you’re doing with that bible? just put that shit away and let’s get wasted

P-Goon: nah i’m not gonna work out today

Sangdo: i actually want my cornrows back

Hojoon: for the last time guys, my eyesight is excellent! 

Nakta: jenishi hyung, i can’t reach that, can you help me?

Gohn: ballads? that’s so gay

Seogoong: no thanks, i’m not hungry

Hansol: dicks are so ewww

Kidoh: damn seokjin stop calling me all the time

B-Joo: hansol is cuddling with other members and i’m totally ok with that

Xero: i’m ugly and i hate dancing

A-Tom: coordi noona pls just cut my hair already

Yano: imma be a good and polite boy from now

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