Ask: How would Doffy, Law, and Kid react to falling in love with a normal civilian?

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  • He wasn’t weirded out by it, but more surprised. The fact the he fell in love was surprising enough, but the fact that he was interested in someone “normal” was even more surprising. He expected to be with someone more flamboyant or exciting, but instead he was falling for someone who did not stand out in particular. He didn’t try to resist them or the feeling, he just let it happen. He would try to attract them/get their attention and plan to make them his.


  • Law was indeed surprised when he caught feelings since he is more distant and cold when it comes to interacting with people. Yet he wasn’t mortified when at the fact his love was for a normal civilian; he really didn’t mind. The thing that he minded were the feelings that he had. He denied it all at first, saying that their appearance was just appealing to him, but he found himself wondering what they were doing. He wouldn’t confess or anything, but he would keep tabs on them, getting closer to them very slowly.


  • Kid was surprised that he harbored these feeling for someone because just like Law, these feeling did not come often. He was confused at how he fell for such a “boring” person, he expected that if he were to be with someone, that they would be more exciting, not like this person. He kept on watching them from afar, trying to figure out what was so special about this person because he was so confused about what drew him to them. He tried to resist, not wanting to spend time on petty things such as love, but found himself wanting to see the person. Eventually he would speak to them, but in a very scary forceful manner, upsetting the person and finding that he enjoys getting these reactions out of them. Maybe this person wasn’t as bad as he thought…