Headcanon time: sanji lets everyone in the crew have a turn on taste checks, so it’s fair and everyone gets to give their input (they all say it’s delicious anyway but sanji likes to see them happy) and on zoros turn he always gets flustered cause he’s stupid and thinks “being fed” is embarrassing l m a o NERRRRD



I’m sitting in a library right now, and I’m just sort of remembering how untouchable libraries make me feel. They have to be open for certain hours, people leave me alone, nobody is trying to sell me anything, and I can sit and think.

I haven’t been blogging on watsons-solarpunk a lot lately because my entire plan for my future fell apart, and it’s taken a significant toll on my ability to do things, which is a bummer because I really felt I was on a roll with my habit of reviewing all things Solarpunk-ish media. 

But sitting here in this empty, humming, window filled library, I remember that I can feel safe in a space surrounded by books and the basic understanding that we’re all trying to put together, little-by-little, better versions of ourselves through peace and learning.

I just felt like this was a good feeling to share with the Solarpunk peeps. Hopefully this helps someone else find a safe space too.  -roses