trans activists love to compare lesbians not dating transwomen to white people not dating black people.

its racist because it implies there are biological differences between a white woman/a black woman or a white man/a black man besides their skin color.

its homophobic because it implies sexual orientation comes from a prejudice, and not from an innate ability to be attacted to a determined sex.

and by the way, i never see black people complain that a white person doesnt want to date them? its just entitled white male bullshit.

Spirit Log INDEX

As I find and discover new spirits, they will be logged here in alphabetical order. These spirits are ones that I find no information on online and I go by the name they have given me for their spirit type. Feel free to answer any questions about each one, but please read their profiles first. All of these posts can be found under spirit log


a chronological summary of the languages i learned and how they handled numbers

HTML: you better know what to name that fucking number and you better not want to do math with it

C++: numbers? numbers are chill. i got libraries, please keep track of what type of numbers they are

Java: numbers are cool, but have you considered: adding more information to numbers? please use 100MB of memory for basic arithmetic it’s my fetish

Python: haha man i’ll totally keep track of what type of number that is for you! don’t worry about it, i got it. no chance that i’ll fuck that up spectacularly

C: you BETTER keep track of that number’s number or SO HELP ME

VHDL: man you think i give a fuck? this is all wires man. it’s all meaningless. tell me what the number means at this spot and i’ll build your shit. mix it up, throw the bits on the ground and pick them up in a nonsensical order, put a boolean flag in the middle of the number that has nothing to do with the number, idgaf. signed? unsigned? fixed point? a pile of wires? literally all the same, i could not care less. just don’t tell me it’s a floating point, because that’s WAY out of your pay grade. and don’t use a number to gate the clock or i’ll punch you.

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hey~ for the ship post. what about luffy and law from one piece? if you dont like that ship maybe lance and keith? thank you :D

lol it took me a minute to figure out which post you were talking about, I have a bad habit of reblogging posts like that and then forgetting all about them xP

  • who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter

For this one I gotta say that Luffy is the werewolf and Law is the hunter, cause I don’t think Luffy would make too great of a hunter lmao. But then again Luffy not being a good hunter could make a great story… he comes across an aggressive grouchy werewolf and knows that he has to kill it, but he gets attached and decides not to so he smuggles him home and chaos results.

  • who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman

Again I feel like the obvious choice is that Law’s the fisherman and Luffy’s the mermaid, but again, mermaid!Law almost being eaten by Luffy for lunch and having to bargain for his life with fish. They get this great deal going where Law gets Luffy fish and bolsters his business and Luffy brings Law things from the human land

  • who’s the witch and who’s the familiar

Law’s the wizard and Luffy is his familiar who is super powerful, but it can be ridiculously hard to get him to actually do what Law wants him to do. So he’s a bit of a wild card really

  • who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict

Luffy’s the barista and Law’s the coffee addict. It’s gotten to the point where Law hardly tastes what he’s drinking anymore so Luffy started a bet with Usopp to see how many crazy flavors he could give Law before he notices. He doesn’t and Luffy and Usopp are forced to stop when their manager finds out what they’re doing and threatens to fire them

  • who’s the professor and who’s the TA

I have to say that Luffy is the professor and Law’s the TA cause that’s just a world of hilarious possibilities. Luffy’s the chill professor that everyone loves cause he doesn’t ever make them do the assignments so his classes are always packed cause he’s an easy A class. And then Law comes in as the TA and then suddenly o shit everyone has to work cause Law gives no shits and takes no prisoners

  • who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss)

please please pleeeeaaaseee Prince Law and Knight Luffy who goofs around all of the time and is far too chatty and carefree for someone who’s supposed to be defending the prince of their kingdom. Law doesn’t like being assigned to Luffy, but one day when he’s traveling to a foreign country for negotiations there’s an assassination attempt and Luffy d e s t r o y s them. Law doesn’t doubt Luffy’s protective abilities ever again after that

  • who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent

I like the idea of Law being the teacher of Luffy’s many, many children (the straw hat crew? xP). Law is lonely and Luffy’s practically dead inside from working 2 full time jobs and managing a house full of children of various ages but when Luffy invites Law over for a family dinner, Law finds that he actually doesn’t hate it and against all odds they end up becoming friends and Law eventually comes to think of them as family

  • who’s the writer and who’s the editor

Luffy writes children’s books that are incredibly popular since they’re essentially being written by a big child. Law’s half the reason Luffy’s books are so popular cause Luffy might have good ideas but his execution of them are terrible. Law lowkey prides himself on being the only person able to translate the stories from Luffy Speak to English

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Kirby is mainstream vore. People still love him.

Ok have I ever told you guys about how much I absolutely love Kirby because I DON’T THINK I PROPERLY HAVE

Ever since I was little, I was OBSESSED with Kirby. I had the games, I watched the show, I drew pictures of Kirby on all my homework, I wrote stories about Kirby, my imaginary friend was a Kirby, my whole life was Kirby. The other kids in elementary school knew me as “that girl who loves Kirby.”

It’s never even been a vore thing I just freaking love that cute little pink orb who can pummel anyone in a fight. If you don’t believe my devotion, I recently constructed a homemade mascot costume of Cook Kirby and cosplay with it at local conventions. I have become one with Kirby. Poyo.