Went to Ansan Valley Rock Festival last week. Who knew a perfect thing existed until Tyler asked Taka to come on stage to demonstrate a piggy back for The Run and Go. Seriously perfection was made when One Ok Rock and Twenty One Pilots were on stage together. Anyway that made my day and these are some pics from the muddy day.


“Song for Ari” OOR 


Thank you as always, junishinobi and takarisma for the translation!

From FOOL COOL ROCK! An interviewer has asked ONE OK ROCK, “If you were a family, who would you be?” Tomoya’s answer: “The father would be Toru, Taka the mom, me as the eldest son, and Ryota as the youngest.” This is OOR acting out those roles. For more context to Ryota’s answer, see this previous gifset! Any mistakes due to paraphrasing are mine.

Toru=yellow, Taka=blue, Tomoya=white, Ryota=green.