unpopular opinion: i hate cons. the fan questions give me so much second-hand embarrassment. and on top of that it only ever leads to fandom drama which i am soooo not here for.

when im home alone i can truly be myself for example i just poured half a cup of tea on my bear foot teaspoon by teaspoon fascinated with how the splosh on my toes feels

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Ok but how about when humans feel that intense urge to Go home, whether home is a small colony, earth itself, a satellite colony(wrong term but think deep space 9), or that outpost where your friend was sent last year, or that city where your family member moved. Something happens and the human is just hit with a wave where every fiber of you is telling you “that’s enough of that. It’s time to go home.” What if there are aliens who dont have that? That sense of longing for specific place or person(s) who are home. And sometimes humans don’t even understand why they need to go home. Maybe it’s depression. Maybe something’s wrong but they just cant place what’s wrong. Maybe they just had a few ship runs where everything that could go wrong did and their alien peers are ok and rebuilding and moving on like normal but the human is the one who can’t adapt because we can only take so much negative before we cant bounce back like we’re known to and we just need the familiarity ans safety of home. But it’s a magnetic pull that’s more than home sickness. Thoughts?

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Going down to the garage expecting to find Bucky there but it's just you and all the cars. You see his motorcycle and go over to sit down on it and start to grind against the seat, thinking about how hot it would be if Bucky fucked you on it, softly moaning his name. Little do you know, Bucky is watching you get yourself off from the door way. He makes himself known to you as soon as you start to get off the motorcycle. "Uh uh, doll. Stay there" he growls, stalking towards you

You freeze, his voice like ice water down your back. He had seen you. Seen you moaning, seen you calling his name your body doing the same. He stalks over to you in a mere two steps. He stands behind you, hands going to the handlebars as he cages you between his arms. You feel you heart race, sweat prickling at the nape of your neck. 

“Tell me what you were thinking about” the request is clear despite his low voice. 

“Buc-” you start to protest but when he presses a kiss behind your ear your words die. 

“Tell me” he empathises his words with a soft bite of you skin. 

“You. I was thinking of you.” your words are quiet but by the smirk against your skin you knew he heard you. 

“What was I doing?” he whispers. 

You lick your suddenly dry lips and take a deep breath. “Fucking me on this bike” 

A deep chuckle brings goosebumps across your skin. “I knew you were kinky”. 

You don’t respond, instead a soft blush rising on your cheeks. He let’s go on the handlebar and fishes through his pocket for something. It’s not until he’s put it in the ignition that you realise it was the key. The bike doesn’t roar to life, it purrs. The vibrations move across your already wet core and you can’t help but roll your hips. He moves and sits behind you, you immediately lean into his sold chest. 

“Here’s what’s going to happen, you’re going to cum with her first” you tilt your head curiously but then he moves the throttle and you know which ‘her’ he’s talking about. 

“and then, you’re going to cum with me” his metal hand moves down to your skirt brushing your core before returning to the handle bar. “Get moving, doll-” he whispers in your ear “- she’s impatient” 

Sinful Sunday™

Broken Promises

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Tags: Fluff, smut, smut with lots of feelings, ):

Words: 1,755

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When ‘du’ actually means ‘jeg’

Hei~! I am going to talk a lot about something that might be very obvious, but it might be nice to point it out all the same. (Plus, I don’t know that much about Norwegian yet, so it might all be bullshit, but still… here goes)

At du er aleine

The sentence that stabbed my heart right before Isak’s worried face cut to a pitch-black screen. Why would she tell Isak he is alone? Why would she break her ties with him? Doesn’t seem to fit the guilt she’s feeling when she looks at his black eye?

Or, actually.. it does. It fits the pattern of the clip, which shows Sana cutting ties with everyone. And distancing herself from Isak might be a way for her to cope with the guilt. She feels betrayed and she feels guilty, so she is pushing everyone away. So who’s alone? Not Isak, who’s shown walking with his beautiful boyfriend, a beautiful dandelion stuck behind his ear, distracting onlookers from the black eye he’s sporting. It’s Sana, and that’s exactly what she’s telling him.

‘You’, as you probably will know, is a second person pronoun. It is a grammatical device we use to refer to the person we’re addressing. Sounds easy ;) (hehe). But there’s more to it. Because research on a corpus of spoken Dutch (similar to both English and Norwegian) shows that only half of the instances of ‘jij’/’je’ (you) are deictic, i.e. refer to the addressee. The other occurrences were uses of what is called a ‘generic you’ referring to a person or group of people in general, but as it may be contextually restricted, it can also be used for self-reference, thus meaning ‘I’. And, because of its characteristics as a second person pronoun prototypically used to refer to the addressee, its use for anything else still invites the addressee to identify themselves with what is being said. So like in:

You just get sad when you look at someone shutting everyone out (*cough* too soon?)

‘you’ actually means ‘I’, but probably more so than when I had just used ‘I’, you are invited to apply it to yourself, place yourself in the described situation; it might even distract from applying it to the speaker, even though it refers to them.

So, if you’re one of the people who thought Sana was actually talking about herself, that she wasn’t saying Isak (and anyone else, for that matter) is alone, but instead that she herself is, you’re probably not wrong. Linguistics has your back. Here’s to hoping Isak’s got Sana’s, because the blatant contrast with last season’s du er ikke alene, must mean he knows something’s up, and that it’s bad.