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john: *is*
sherlock: *shimmies off trousers* always been able to keep myself distant *unbuttons shirt* divorce myself from feelings *peeks into his pants* but look you see? body’s betraying me

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please please please sweet baby angel don't get mad but --- why do we like Kent?? I'm like very indifferent towards him but lots of people either hate or love him so lemme know what's up bc yo girl is confused™

Okay…. frankly, you should just read Touchy Subject because that’s the fic that got me interested in Kent Parson. (It’s zimbits endgame, so don’t worry about it messing with the OTP or anything. But it’s REALLY, REALLY awesome and maybe my favorite CP fic. It’s definitely the most fun CP fic around imo.)

But I’ll try to explain a little. I like Kent because, first of all, I just think he’s interesting. As far as I can tell, he’s a total disaster and I kind of love that. Most of the characters in Check, Please are pretty well-adjusted people and Kent Parson is not. That creates a chance for a lot of conflict and a lot of growth, so that’s fun. I like thinking about him and writing about him because I am interested in trying to figure out what would need to happen for him to be okay, you know?

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What does a Capricorn look like?

Capricorns like their hair long, they tend to keep one style and stick with it, they’re the only sign I associate red hair with, though most have brown

They have very happy eyes, that are hazel, blue, and light brown, their eyes are curved upwards

Capricorn has light eyebrows, but they make up for it with long, thick eyelashes

Their noses are straight, the tip of it hooks a bit down and their nostrils tend to flair out a TINY bit

Their cheek bones are broad and low, they have a wider face as well

They have beautiful smiles and their lips are very full

Their skin is rosey, and very deep in color, they have beauty marks