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Hey do you know how come that in japanese folk art/stories there isn't a lot about wolves? Always dragons and foxes. Do you know some myths/legends with wolves?😮

omg I am so freaking happy you asked me about Japanese folklore, it is a big interest of mine!

I noticed this as well when I first got interested in Japanese folklore- so why?

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Run Ammy Run

If you all have been on Twitter, I did a live-tweet playthrough of Clover Studio’s Okami. It was definitely one of the most visually stunning and emotionally moving games I have ever played. The dialogue, visuals and design, characters, story and cinematography are just so harmonic and breathtaking and I can’t believe I did not finish it sooner a year ago when I got stuck at Agata Forest.

Everyone should take a chance to play this if they can. Plus you get to meet Shibas in the game!