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Rose had many secrets… and the Order of Amulets is one of them!

All gemsonas that have taken Rose’s Order of Amulets Pledge have been summoned by their Order to protect Earth! 

The Order of Amulets gemsona role-playing forum is now OPEN. 

Steven Universe fans are welcome to join for the non-gemsona/non-RP related subforums!

THE ORDER OF AMULETS is a secret organization of gems who were inspired by Rose Quartz during the Gem Rebellion to protect “delicate” life forms from the greed & power of other gems. Rose founded the Temple of Amulets and the Order of Amulets with the gems Petri and Dorey, who were instructed to retreat and organize on other planets in her absence. Many Orders have been formed to train and house pledges, separated by gem type and gem families. (For example, Dorey/Labradorite belongs to the Order of Feldspars.) 

Rose and the original Crystal Gems are all thought to be dead or captured, sacrificing their lives in a great battle to protect Earth. This event, to the Order, is known as the Day of Rose’s Rebellion

The core philosophy of the Order is that the power and magic of gem energy is a sacred responsibility, a privilege, and it is a divine duty to protect & respect lifeforms with limited organic bodies. The lives of these organic beings throughout the Universe are precious, and the Order recognizes the lives of humans to be on equal standing with gems. The Order seeks justice and prosperity for all sentient beings, and they pledge their lives to the resistance.

For over 5,000 years the Order has been working on other planets in other parts of the Universe, gaining intelligence on the Homeworld Diamond Class. This information is not shared with the Order’s Amulet agents- the Order works in mysterious ways. Information is reported but rarely ever given… 

Sign up on the forum: The Order of Amulets!

Joining up is easy! Here’s just a few steps you can take to getting familiarized with the place.

  1. Sign-up and explore the forum. Introduce yourself!
  2. Create a gem room for your RP character.
  3. Chat with other roleplayers! Create a casual team or “official” OoA team.

Please read help stickies for more information on Amulet teams. More info on Amulet Teams here.

* * *

Not interested in joining in on the OoA AU?

No problem! Your welcome to join & RP on your own terms as well! Wandering gems, neutral gems, Homeworlders, Diamond Class affiliated gems and “local human” characters are all included on the board.

Explore the forum for more information! And have fun~

Seraphinite by effsie

★ ✩ G E M S O N AW E E K ✩ ★
Thursday, March 12th - Wednesday, March 18th

Hope everyone is having a great “day 2” of gemsona week! 
Some prompt reminders, and big news. Please read/reblog!


This weekend’s prompts & challenges:

Friday, March 13th -

Mirror, Mirror - We’ve run into an alternate universe! Bad Homeworld Gems are good Crystal Gems here, and vice versa. (R.I.P Leonard Nimoy, LLAP.)
Full Disclosure - Celebrate the week-long Steven Universe scheduling marathon with fan works inspired by the past 6 episodes!

Saturday, March 14th -

★Gem Artifact - Magical items that are powered by trapping gems…
Oh No! - Something’s wrong with their gem! Is it corrupted, or cracked maybe…?
Order of Amulets Bonus: The Dream Team! Draw the whole team together!

Sunday, March 15th -

Evolution of Style Challenge: Draw in the Steven Universe pilot style, and then the current style! How close can you get it down?
R & R- What’s it like to take a regeneration vacation inside of a gem?

please post responses in the #GEMSONA WEEK tag. late responses are fine and will still be reblogged no matter what day they’re posted, so long as they’re posted during gemsona week in the tag!



BIG POST COMING TOMORROW. Please watch the blog. 

Yesterday in gemsona chat  I dropped some info about an event happening tomorrow. Can’t give you full details yet! (Please don’t send asks!) But here’s what I will tell you:


If you were around last year, you might have heard me talking about OoA in the tags… if not, it’s okay! Hang tight, all will be explained. This is both an EVENT on SATURDAY and something that will continue on after Gemsona Week ends. (So long as people want to keep it going!)

If you’re interested in RPing the event, here are some tips for being ready:

  • There will be TEAMS of FIVE GEMSONAS. Talk to your friends now! Anyone entering alone will be randomly teamed up, so no worries if you’re sailing the gemsonas seas lone-wolf style. 
  • Go to the forum link above and SIGN UP! OOC screennames are fine, it doesn’t have to be your gem type (and this is recommended especially if you have more than one gemsona you intend on roleplaying.)
  • Forum is locked right now, so you can only sign up and view public threads. Forum will be unlocked after the event begins- watch the blog/gemsona week tag! 
  • Homeworlder/wandering gemsonas are welcome, too! Not just those goody-goody Earth-lovers.
  • All relevant posts will be tagged #gemsona week and #ooa if you want to track those tags!

Can’t wait for this…..!

Art by Mod Prehnite | Lettering by Mod Jing

The Diamond Class has officially LAUNCHED!

THE DIAMOND CLASS has been a powerful, predominant force in the universe for thousands of years, though to many gems, it is simply their Homeworld. Led by the Diamond Overlords, they have encountered many calamities, namely the rebellions and wars started by Rose Quartz over a mammalian species called “humans” from the planet Earth. Such conflict came with great costs, and the outcome of the wars had been hotly debated for many decades to come. Rose Quartz and her forces eventually disappeared, and Homeworld’s general public thought they would never hear from or about them again.

That was, until today. 

[[ Click to read the rest on  OOA ]]

* * *

Interested in rolling as a Diamond Authority in future private lore events? Check out the DC almanac and application process on how to get “officialized.”

Diamond Class Almanac

Diamond Authority Applications

* * *

We are proud to present our first bit of lore progression for the Diamond Class! A nice, presentable Diamond Class introduction and sibling comic to the Order of Amulets.

The OOA mods are currently working on getting private rp events ready for both Amulet Reliquaries and Diamond Authority roleplayers. In the mean time, thank you all for your patience. We’re glad you’re all having a good time on the forum!

Illustration by Mod Prehnite / Backgrounds by Crewniverse / Edit by Mod Oma

Find Gems to Fuse with at OoA

You like fusing your gems with other peoples gems? We’ve got a thread in Order-of-Amulets exactly for that!

Gem Fusions are a lot of fun to make. There’s a certain charm to fusing your gem with someone else’s rather than just fusing your own gemsonas together. But finding partners for that kind of activity can be a little tough, so we made a thread to make it a little easier:

Just make a post in “Quick Fusions”, and put the link to the post in your signature to advertise! You can link you post by clicking on the number found at the top of your post next to the post’s time stamp

You may not post more than once, but you can edit your post as much as you need to.

What to put in your post:

  • Gemsona(s) available for fusions: provide links to each of your Gemsona’s rooms
  • Slots available: how many partners you feel you can take on
  • Fusion preference: work alone, collaborate, or doesn’t matter
  • Best means of contact: private message, tumblr, email, skype, whatever you feel comfortable with

 Note to OoA roleplayers: Don’t worry about this being a “requirement” or anything. The QuickFusions thread is just a means of meeting up with people that are interested in fusing for the fun of it. :)

-Mod Prehnite

anonymous asked:

Just dropping in because I have been following that Set post by Teethifanubis. You can't change his mind. He is a diagnosed sociopath who literally believes he is the mortal incarnation of Anubis. He is a woman beater, he is 30 and had been stealing from and mooching off his elderly great grandmother his entire adult life. He has 2 kids by 2 different women and has lost his rights to them because he is also a child molester and a rapist. He justifies doing this BC he thinks he is Anubis...

Okay, so I’ve had this ask sitting in my bin for longer than I can remember. Probably months now. I didn’t publish it because I wasn’t sure if the claims were true, and I didn’t want to possibly rain fire on someone who was innocent. However, I’ve found recent information that has been published in other parts of Tumblr that would show that these claims are likely correct.

Because I think it’s in the best interest of our community to know when we’ve got shitty, manipulative, and abusive people in our midst, I’m going to be putting the links that I was given into this ask for others to take a look at.

FWIW, in this ask, the anon refers to the user as TeethofAnubis, but many of us know him as OracleofAnubis (this URL has been taken by someone else, so don’t send them any hate, please) and the current URL this person is using is AnubisoftheMoon. ETA: I have also received word that they own the account StaffofAnubis. They seem to like to change their URL pretty frequently (I had issues keeping track of them because of this), so please be careful as you don’t know if he will change his URL again.

Anyways, here is what has been found so far. If anyone reading this has other information they want to add, please do so. I will be more than happy to keep updating this list as more stuff is confirmed.

I’m sure there is more out there, but this is what I have right now. As I get more, I will update this list. Additionally, it’s worth knowing that some victims have been asked to be left alone. Some victims have asked that you don’t harass people who are tangentially tied to this, and this account has been made to document the abusive and nasty things OoA/Josh has done.

Everyone please be safe and use caution when interacting with this user. I recommend avoiding interaction if at all possible.