Sunstone “Kleinsche”

ALLEGIANCE: Rogue (”Whoever’s paying!”)

WEAPON: Shield

Kleinsche is the last Sunstone to be made by the Diamonds, and as such, the youngest Sunstone outside of the Saffron Circle. Her facet consisted of roughly a dozen Gems, made for the Feuerzahn sunstones. Despite this formidable title, Kleinsche was consistenly unnoticed and outshined by the rest of her facet and her other fellow Ralafrions. The Alerion that trained her was more restrictive and demanding of her Ralaferions and Ebaserions than the rest of the Troupe, even when one takes into account the fact that the Feuerzahn have much harsher training than any other troupe. Due to this treatment combined with the fact that she was never even considered for promotion past Ralaferion, Kleinsche developed a deep inferiority complex.

Her saving grace, as it turned out, was due to the fact that she was more adept at fighting than dancing. Kleinsche cracked (metaphorically) under the pressure of constant overshadowing and lack of recognition, and attacked her Alerion in the middle of practice. The confrontation ended with the Alerion being poofed and held safe with the rest of the troupe, and Kleinsche abandoning the Feuerzahn to go rogue and fight her own path. When she returned, nothing remained of her once radiant Troupe, except a dead volcano and steaming shards.

Kleinsche’s dancer origins would come as a shock to almost all that know her. She’s achieved a nigh-legendary status in the criminal underground for her brutality and excellence in missions. She goes into a nearly manic frenzy when confronted with a fight, and her pyrokinesis combined with her shield bashing have left her with quite the bloody reputation. But merely pushing aside the angry outer shell will portray a deeply insecure and broken Gem. Kleinsche is liable to either break down or fly into a burning frenzy at the merest hint of rejection, and will buck any and everyone she sees as trying to put themself in a position of authority. She does not seem to grasp the fact that what she needs the most is someone who will be kind to her. It’s unclear wether or not she realizes such a person could exist.

(thanks to @akkorokamuii for drawing and giving me the lore and backstory for this gem!)