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Just dropping in because I have been following that Set post by Teethifanubis. You can't change his mind. He is a diagnosed sociopath who literally believes he is the mortal incarnation of Anubis. He is a woman beater, he is 30 and had been stealing from and mooching off his elderly great grandmother his entire adult life. He has 2 kids by 2 different women and has lost his rights to them because he is also a child molester and a rapist. He justifies doing this BC he thinks he is Anubis...

Okay, so I’ve had this ask sitting in my bin for longer than I can remember. Probably months now. I didn’t publish it because I wasn’t sure if the claims were true, and I didn’t want to possibly rain fire on someone who was innocent. However, I’ve found recent information that has been published in other parts of Tumblr that would show that these claims are likely correct.

Because I think it’s in the best interest of our community to know when we’ve got shitty, manipulative, and abusive people in our midst, I’m going to be putting the links that I was given into this ask for others to take a look at.

FWIW, in this ask, the anon refers to the user as TeethofAnubis, but many of us know him as OracleofAnubis (this URL has been taken by someone else, so don’t send them any hate, please) and the current URL this person is using is AnubisoftheMoon. ETA: I have also received word that they own the account StaffofAnubis. They seem to like to change their URL pretty frequently (I had issues keeping track of them because of this), so please be careful as you don’t know if he will change his URL again.

Anyways, here is what has been found so far. If anyone reading this has other information they want to add, please do so. I will be more than happy to keep updating this list as more stuff is confirmed.

I’m sure there is more out there, but this is what I have right now. As I get more, I will update this list. Additionally, it’s worth knowing that some victims have been asked to be left alone. Some victims have asked that you don’t harass people who are tangentially tied to this, and this account has been made to document the abusive and nasty things OoA/Josh has done.

Everyone please be safe and use caution when interacting with this user. I recommend avoiding interaction if at all possible.

alrighty, so this is malachites room so far! i spliced together some steven universe backgrounds (none of which belong to me!!) and messed with them, added some props!

so essentially malachite lives in a giant greenhouse and collects plants form the missions the team goes on :) (with a specific section dedicated to the strawberries that grow on the old gem battlefield). this is only one section of the room and theres several little tables and benches and little statues scattered all over it~

they use to pools to store some things, but most of their bubbles just float freely, or chill in the gardens somewhere. malachite likes to keep the gems they bubble (most of which are the less dangerous creatures they encounter or the gems theyve come across that were hurt or damaged) floating around their room. some filter in through the water from labradorite’s room every once in a while as well. occasionally theyll feel hints of emotions from the bubbled gems, so mallo likes to talk to them often. they arent sure if the gem inside is conscious or can hear them, but they talk anyways~

bettycrockerssketchbook powerthepeaceful themintylion im not really sure where in the temple this room is located???? but its connected to labradorites somehow haha. below or above or next to idk

edit: lmao i forgot to mention those floating things are different flower pots they have floating around

in my OoA headcanon, Natural Gems have a different kind of power… it might seem subdued and more subtle than the raw energy of, say, Diamond or Quartz… being so, the Order of Natural Gems is one of the strictest, most disciplined Orders. It takes a lot of hard work for a Natural Gem to be recognized for their power, even outside of the Order of Amulets on Homeworld…

Petri was inspired by Rose and stood with her on the Day of Rose’s Rebellion. Pearl always felt inadequate and insecure around Petri, as a Natural Gem and as a friend, especially when Rose and Petri would discuss warring tactics and secrets alone. 

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in regards to this Order of Amulets RP site, will there be a kind of introduction to what the site is and what it's for? I mean, a kind of small story for this "AUs" existence in a sense. I'm not condoning the lack of intro, and understand that the site is still being worked on, I was just curious as to whether or not there will be an explanation of sorts for those who either just happen to stumble on the site or those who are new to SU. thank you!

Yes absolutely! Just not posting anything that gives away the set-up of OoA on the forum since its read-only and public. hehe

I’ll be posting all about it all over the forum and tumblr once the comic is up and my content is all written up. I’m really digging how this AU REALLY QUITE LITERALLY magically came together during #stevenbomb week, and I want it to be a surprise. 

But don’t worry- it won’t be just 10 pages of comics to set things up. There will be more in-depth information on the AU, and we will do our best to funnel traffic from the forum and tumblr to the same “orientation”.