PSA to Ontae fic writers: fuckyeahontaefanfics will steal your work and repost it without your permission.  

I didn’t want to have to write this post, but they have not responded to my message telling them to take one of my fics down. For the record, in case somehow this wasn’t clear, I am absolutely NOT OKAY with anyone reposting any of my work, especially without even asking my permission first. While fuckyeahontaefanfics claim that they just want to preserve fanfic, this does not excuse their behavior.

While I would be upset about anyone reposting any of my fics, this instance especially pisses me off because The Call of the Sea is a fic that I worked extremely hard on. I will not get a single one of those reblogs or likes. They’ve tried to cover their asses by posting a link to my original post at the bottom, as if that makes up for stealing my work. I will be reporting them to Tumblr.

I’m asking anyone who reads this to refrain from reblogging or liking any of their posts. Don’t reward them for stealing the work of others. If you see a fic on their blog that you like, please find the original post by the original author and like or reblog that instead. And if one of your fics was reposted, you can report that here.

If you want to share or rec fics, use the reblog button. That’s what it’s for. 

Clearing the misunderstanding


 First of all . I apologize deeply to these writers who my actions have hurt . There’s no excuse nor anything that I would say that would erase the fact that I had made a mistake and here I am writing this taking full responsibilities of my actions. 

As you probably already know and  to make this as short as possible:

 Takemetoyoutaeleader have stated in an earlier post that I have “stolen” some writers work and posted here  claiming “apparently” that this blog took credit for them  .her post have been widely reblogged  and people seemed to sympathize with this persons claim without knowing the other part of the story. 

 Takemetoyourtaeleader have sent me message in less than few hours expecting  a rapid answer , but unfortunately I wasn’t available to answer her demand , and not giving me a time to answer she hadn’t seem to hesitate to tarnish the reputation of this blog because I wasn’t able to answer her , add to that her post is going around claiming I have ignored her wishes while I didn’t even know there were demands to be made . Was I at fault for not being present to be able to answer her concerns ? 

  This rash decision have cost this blog his reputation . and I hope Takemetoyourleader can be okay with this rash wrong accusation. 

   It’s a noble thing to side with this person and go against people who steals other work , but do you find it fair to judge without knowing nor ask about the other side of the story , I think it would fair enough that I would tell my part of this as well. 

  I would like to say  like I have said many times :

    It was said in the description . In every post posted here, In any reply I have sent to concerned people, This blogs purpose was NOT To STEAL writers work . It was made as a recommendation blog .

    The purpose of this blog was to recommend and to preserve fanfictions,the fact that I had reposted the fanfictions was way of preservation against circumstances as removal or the fanfiction or original blog being deleted. 

The claim that this blog was made to gain some sort of  fame is so far from being the truth . If you can see for yourself I have never attempted in anyway to advertise for this blog or any posts here  .There are no tags on the recommendations beside the ones used for directions . I have never once posted anything  using the “ontae” tag. 

and once again I say without a s doubt I have been indeed  in the wrong and I take full responsibility for my actions . But to tell the truth I didn’t know my actions were wrong at first . but what has been done has been done and i’ll take full responsibility.

This blog will be closed but I hope to the person who claimed I was a thief can sleep today knowing she had  tarnished a blogs reputation because she couldn’t even bare to wait a couple of hours for an answer. 

At the end 

  *For the dear concerned people : I would like to apologize again deeply for my actions, and they will be corrected.
*For the writers fans who had sent me your  concerned messages: A couple of the featured writers have contacted me  and I have made it clear that it was not my attention to steal there work . You needn’t to worry about it.
**For whom ever read so far : Thank you for reading this and thank you for your time.

Thank you.

(this blog will be closed after 12 Hours )


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