italianbabygirl2015 asked:

So yesterday I did some research on the boys cause I barely know them and I was wondering who the leader was and I thought it was Key or Minho... No. It was Onew. I thought Onew or Taemin was the youngest but I was right. Taemin is. I almost started crying cause like. This. I'm just surprised. And Owtae is amazing. Like. Crying for ever.

hehehheheheh i know what you mean! when i was first getting into SHINee for some reason i didn’t think Onew was leader…i thought he was youngest with teamin too!! i think its his cute personality he really acts like a kid i love it hehehe…as soon as i  found he was leader i was waaaaaaaay more attracted to him for some reason….just like…..the whole protective leader persona i just adore GAH!!!! …AND OMG YEEESSSSSSS Ontae is even cuter knowing they are the maknae and leader,,they have such cute chemistry anyway..and how how taemin adores and looks up to onew you can jus see it in his face omg MY FEELS

AND THEN they do cute things like this that make onew seem the same age 

OHMYGOD MY BABIES I LOVE THEM  *yes taemin we are obsessed with his adams apple too*