okay but like consider

a list of choi aesthetics and aus and actual things that this gem of a human being has done

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-being genderfluid and Strangely Only when theyre presenting as traditionally femme minjung and being like 6′1 do they get ppl at work telling her “u shouldn’t wear those lil heeled boots with your height :/” so she’s like “shit tru” and comes in the next day with seven-inch heels like “uwu is this better??” ((and her smol smol boyfriend jong wanting to climb her like a tree all day))

-minho being a vampire but like he was a pacifist before he died so he just lies on the floor in his spooky vampire lair ((apartment #204 on the third floor across from the bookstore)) and whines and wallows about not wanting to hurt anyone and key’s like “omg you keep saying that but you never come to the club with me to feed from the willing humans” and minho just “:c everyone’s always tryna frick there :c you know i’m sex-repulsed :ccc” and key just sighs and goes out of their way at the club to find that one ace human ((taem)) that’s always there just to drive their friend ((jung)) home after another vamp ((eunsook)) fricks the heckie out of them and asks taem to “pls just let my friend bite you like two minutes tops pls i just want him to stop whining”

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Classic Onho Moment ~ Minho is  gonna kick somebody’s ass for not giving his Jinki enough rice…  (ง'̀-‘́)ง 


Minho and Onew lost in their own world