This Is Why I Don't Talk In Gym Class (One-shot)

~this completely random one-shot is made for @a-fangirl-in-too-many-fandoms based on one of her posts. ‘Nice arse-I mean arms.’~

{Modern AU}

Today was volleyball day in gym class, and Edmund Pevensie was not excited. The boys class and girls class was put together for this 'event’, and he for one did not want to witness a train wreck. But, not wanting to argue with his coach, he reluctantly followed along with the rest of his class.
Once the two classes were mixed together, the coaches split the room in two. Edmund was put a mix of boys and girls and that defiantly knew how to play this game. He, on the other hand had no idea what to do. A few feet in front of him, a girl with her h/c (hair color) hair in a high ponytail. She was obviously a team player, as she served the ball flawlessly and hit it over the net without breaking a sweat.

After about ten minutes everyone changed position, which Edmund personally found unnecessary. He was stood next to the girl with the h/c hair and decided he should at least compliment her. But, being the antisocial person he is, he screwed up.
“Nice arse- I mean arms.” He blurted out before cringing and face palming himself. 'Nice going Ed.’ He scolded in his head. The girl turned to face him and gave him a questioning look.
“How did you mix those words up? They don’t sound that similar.” She asked confusedly. Edmund’s face heated up in embarrassment as he quickly tried to cover up his words.
“Uh…auto correct?” He offered uncertainly. The girl just raised her eyebrows.
“This is a verbal conversation.” She stated. Edmund just groaned and threw his arms in the air.
“This is why I don’t talk in gym class!”

~lol I’m still a terrible author but I found it funny.~

▼Chansoo Fanfic

Title: Walk with me

Author: bowlerrootx

Pairing: kyungsoo/chanyeol

Rating: nc-17

Genre: inception!au, sci-fi

Length: one-shot (27.8k)

Warnings: past severe mental illness, dub-con

Description: Kyungsoo left the military’s extraction programme just months before dream sharing is legalised in South Korea. Two years later, Kyungsoo is a freelancer working exclusively with charities. One day, he meets Chanyeol in a dream. This happens over and over again.Until it doesn’t.

- Admin Vic

[DW] On the Highway of Your Heart

Title: On the Highway of Your Heart
Author: chansoos in sooenaemoured
Pairing: Baekhyun/Kyungsoo, side!Junmyeon/Chanyeol, bff!Junmyeon/Kyungsoo, bff!Beagleline
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Fluff, Romance, College/Summer/Roadtrip!AU
Warnings: Lots of alcohol

Summary: Long travels are the best way to get two persons more than just close.

Reasons Why You Submitted: Omg an entire longfic just for a baeksoosuyeoldae roadtrip through america. This was cute i actually felt like i was traveling with them hahaha

Barry x reader- Psychopaths.

Prompt: Okey can you do a imagine or something when the reader is Barry Allen’s ex and they meet a year or so after they break up and she’s totaly insane and with the joker and things hapen idk 😂😂

So I tried and I hope this was good, I watched the movie yesterday and there are no spoilers so I hope you like it, I really tried. Ily and requests are open.


Barry Allen, the man who broke my heart. Shattered it into pieces. He told me his secret, his precious little secret because he trusted me so much, yet he still decided to break my fucking heart. Barry Allen is the man who I dated for nearly two years until he broke up with me because “he didn’t want me getting hurt.”

He’s going to pay.


Barry’s POV- present day-

“Barry something is happening down town.” Cisco shouted as I was speaking to Caitlyn about new adjustments to the suit. Speeding over to where his eyes were focused on the screen. A man with bright green hair and red lipstick stood, holding hostages, a bomb strapped to a woman, pregnant women.  I have to do something, now.

I sped to get my suit on and turned to Cisco.

“Where are they?!” I asked in a panic, these people are gonna die if I don’t get to them in time.

But how am I going to get them out of there? He must be a meta, but if he was a meta, then why does he have a bomb?

“He could be a meta for all we know! Barry this is dangerous!” He screamed.

“I have to save them, they will die if I don’t do anything Cisco!” I screamed now frustrated, my long pale fingers running through my brown hair.

“Barry, we don’t know much about this guy, he could kill you and all of those people in there if you go! ” Caitlyn tried to reason.

“You’re just go-” she cut herself off and froze when her eyes went to the screen.

“Barry..” Cisco trailed off, he motioned for the screen, I sped over to him and looked at the person in the screen.

Y/n, her hair now bleach blonde, her hair in pig tails and each one a different color, blue and pinkish red. Her shirt read “Daddy’s little monster.” And her shirt torn up while she wore blue and red short shorts. She chewed on her bubble gum, holding a bat in one hand and a gun in another. I haven’t seen her in over a year. She… This can’t be her.

“That’s not her, that isn’t y/n. It has to be her doppelgänger.” I whispered, trying to get myself together but I can’t think straight.

This can’t be y/n, my y/n. The y/n who used to be so understanding when I was late and who made me dinner every night, the one who got Joe and Iris tickets to Hawaii, the one who surprised me with gifts all the time.

I have to talk to her.

“I have to go.” I whispered speeding towards the bank.

“Barry!” Called Caitlyn and Cisco as I left.


Readers POV

“You’re insane.” One of our hostages screamed, a wild laugh escaped my lips, mistah J’s laugh followed.

“Aren’t we all?” I whispered, pressing the barrel against his forehead.
“Now, puddin..” Mistah J tsk’d.

“We can’t kill any of them until they give us what we want.” He chuckled pulling me by my waist. A gasp escaped my lips as he turned me around held me close, his lips inches from mine and a wicked smile on his face.
He then roughly kissed me, smearing our lipsticks together.

“Can’t we just hurt them a little? Please mistah J? Just so they know that we’re serious??” I begged biting my lip in excitement. I might get to shoot one of these assholes.

He thought for a moment before a big grin spread on his lips.

“Hurt them, shoot them.” He encouraged, his breath tickling my neck.

“Y/n, stop this, now.” A familiar voice demanded.

I turned to the voice and saw Barry Allen. A loud laugh escaped my lips.

“The Flash, are we in your territory?” I asked curiously. Mr. J’s hand now on my arm. Holding my back.

“Please tel me you’re a doppelgänger.” He begged, his beautiful eyes glossy. But all I could think about was scooping them out of their sockets and using them to make doll eyes.

Joker laughed loudly, and crazily as usual. His laugh is so addicting that I began to laugh with him.

“Y/n, here, is no doppelgänger. She’s original, the one and only.” He kissed my shoulder.

“Why are you here?”

“To murder and steal and you know, take over the city. B man always took over Gotham again, might as well take over Central.” I muttered, swinging my bat around.

“You’re both Psychopaths.” He glared at both of us.

I laughed
“Glad you noticed!”

“Why are you doing this?!” He now asked, man, he asks a lot of questions.

I scoffed “We’re bad guys! It’s what we do.” I smiled while raising my bat, ready to hit him.

“Mistah J, it’s time to cause havoc.” I growled.

“I like your thinking, puddin’” he purred. Holding up the button to the bomb.

“See, this right here, is the button to a different bomb in the city. Where innocent people will die.” J explained. I laughed loudly while jumping up and down.

“Press it! Press it Mr. J!!” I encouraged

“Now, now, I only want to kill a few people. That’s all I ask for! A few people is nothing compared to hundreds!” J smiled, his silver teeth shining under the light.

Barry glanced at me and he seemed so disappointed.

“Y/n, stop this, please. I know you y/n, you don’t do this.” He begged, his eyes glossy, he’s in so much pain..

Good, he deserves it.

Suddenly I started laughing and I couldn’t stop.

Jokers laugh followed and we both couldn’t stop laughing.

“After I press this button, you have twenty seconds to save everyone.” Joker stated in between laughs.

“Press it!” I giggled, his thumb pressed down on the button and we both howled with laughter again.

He’s not going to be able to save everyone.

“Come on, puddin. Let’s go enjoy date night.” Mr J stated as we walked towards the exit. On the way, we saw the building collapse and screams were heard from everyone we had hostage.

“I was thinking about steak for dinner?” I asked curiously, waiting for his response.

“Then it’s steak we’re going to have.” He chuckled throwing his arm over my shoulders.

“Let’s rob a store in the way?!” He grinned, his blue eyes glancing at me.

“I like the way you think, puddin.” His lips attached to mine, kissing me roughly, our lipsticks smearing and we both simply smiled.


“This steak is really good! You picked a great restaurant Mr J!” I encouraged

Everyone quiet, a few sobbing in fear as a bomb was strapped to each and every one of them.
“We should kill the flash next.” Mr J muttered while staring at his steak, a wicked grin appeared on his face as he came up with the idea.

“I know exactly where to go! I know his weakness’!”

“I don’t think so.” I heard from the door. We both turned to see the flash standing there, dust on his shoulders and a few holes in his suit.

“Able to get everyone out in time?” Joker asked him while cutting his steak.
“No, not everyone.” He whispered, feeling like a failure.

“That’s because you’re no hero.” I piped up, after spooning mashed potato’s into my mouth.

“You’ll never defeat us, no one has. ”

Suddenly, Mr J was in Barry’s hands, Mr.J tied up and gagged, he was beyond pissed.

I squeaked in horror.

“Mr.J! You let him go you bastard, or I swear I’ll let the city know who their precious flash is.” The threat was simple but effective? I don’t know.

He was quiet.

“Go ahead, tell everyone who I am.”

“Let Mr. J go or else I’ll have to do something about your family and friends. I don’t mind killing them, kind of annoying actually, but I’ll do it.” I sighed, standing up and sitting on the table, facing them.

“Don’t hurt Mr.J.” He didn’t feel threatened by me.

“You won’t do anything, you haven’t even killed any one, have you?” I haven’t, I really haven’t. Because it never required me to. Mr. J did all the killing.

Mr. J’s blue eyes looked at me, in a threatening manner, his eyes went from me to the woman next to me. I nodded and took my gun out.

My fingers grasped onto her hair, throwing her to the ground, the barrel of the gun pressed to her head.

But Barry sped over and threw the gun across the room. Taking my knife, I stabbed him through the thigh, the knife sticking out through the other side.

He screamed in pain before falling down on the floor. I ran to Mr.J, untying him and as soon as I did. Barry was gone.

“Where is his weakness, puddin? We’re killing all of his family.” He growled angrily.

“Star labs.”

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Hair (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Prompt: i cant seem to get out of your ask lmao but what about reader accidently finding out seb (or bucky) has a teeny-tiny hair pulling kink. like she awkwardly accidently manages to pull his hair and seb/bucky moans. then one day reader is playing with seb/bucky’s hair and he gets all flustered and embarrased!seb/bucky insues and maybe it ends there, maybe it doesn’t? 

Word Count: 1057 words 

A/N: AM I NOT SPOILING YOU LOT TODAY WITH ALL THESE IMAGINES? Yes I am. But I love you guys, so yeah. Awesome. Enjoy it. Thanks to my fave @sob-castiel for the prompt. 

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All Mine (Joker x Reader)

Normal!Reader, JaredLeto!Joker
Word count: 549

Warning: violence

Reader POV -

I sighed, walking quickly in the direction of the safe. I didn’t like going out for missions, but J insisted that he show me his favourite pastime. And whilst he thought that he could cover up his sick idea that there was the possibility of me becoming like him and wanting to voluntarily steal cash, diamonds and guns, I could see right through him. I knew the Joker more than anyone else in Gotham City would ever be able to. 

“Right this way,” one of his goods called, signalling to both J and I about the direction of the safe from our current location.

They’d prepped the place before my arrival, lines of people on their knees with their hands behind their heads. I scanned through the faces feeling an immense amount of sorrow, but I knew not to disrespect J in front of his boys.

I flinched as I heard the gun go off. I turned back to J who was standing there, putting his gun back into his jacket pocket. I stared at him, confused. “What was that for?!” I demanded, standing my ground on my non-violence approach to life.

He huffed. “I caught him looking at ‘cha,” he reasoned, shrugging it off as he grit his teeth. He walked over to the man with the now incomplete thigh, the bullet having gone straight through it and into the support board of the desk behind him. J sighed, watching as the man lay on the floor writhing in pain, clutching his leg on top of a pool of blood.

He bent down and cupped the man’s face with one hand, digging his fingernails deep into the man’s cheeks. The man struggled as J lead him back up to his kneel, disregarding his leg. 

 “J - ”

He cut me off with an upright hand. Then in a swift motion, he yanked the man up. He towered over the man by a couple inches, adding to his dramatic effect of being the big and bad scary crime boss. 

“Look at her,” he said, shaking the man’s head with his grip.

The man’s eyes met mine as I stood there, frown increasing on my face. “Isn’t she beautiful?” he asked, though it was more of a statement.

He forced the squirming man’s head to nod.

“Oh I know,” J chuckled, turning to look at me before he turned back and with his other hand pat the man’s cheek. “She’s spectacular!” He emphasised the words with grand hand gestures.

I stood there awkwardly as J let out a long laugh, head thrown back slightly.

His laughter died down and the man visibly gulped. “But you know what?” J asked. The man looked back at him, shaking his head as he began to whimper. Everyone watched the ordeal, unsure of what was going to happen.

I could imagine J smiling and I was proven right as he angled himself more toward me, his smile showing.

He gestured to me. “That’s all mine.” And with a simple pull of a trigger from a gun I hadn’t noticed had come out again, the man wasn’t able to look at me anymore.

I shut my eyes, willing the image to go away, J’s voice making them open again.

“Anybody else?” he yelled as he waved his gun in the air, laughter echoing against the stone walls of the bank.

Awkward Misconceptions (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky x Reader


the end was up to me!

Word Count: 1, 370

Warnings: Swear words

Notes: Two in one day?! I’m not sure this is very good, but I think I’m kind of okay with how it turned out? I make no sense. Anyway, enjoy! Let me know what you think x

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A Void to Fall for

Original Imagine: Imagine Void!Stiles knowing how Stiles feels about you and making you his sex slave because he knows Stiles can see you.

Author: Arlaina

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 3705

Warnings: DubCon, Smut. Sex Slave. Marking. Breath Play. Light Bondage. NSFW. Mature Language.

I lunge up in bed as I hear Mom scream. I dash out and see her standing in Scott’s doorway, clutching her chest with a baseball bat in her hand. I rush over and see a scared looking Stiles standing inside my brother’s room, hands up as if to ward off an attack. It takes me all of two seconds to realise what’s happened and I laugh, biting my lip and looking innocent when my Mom glares at me.

“I’m done! I’m going to bed!” My Mom says, throwing her hands up in exasperation.

“Night Mom.” I grin.

She heads off with a sigh, leaving Stiles and I alone. I look at him, shake my head and then turn to go back to my room.

“Hey, hey! Wait!” Stiles says suddenly, jumping in front of me like a hyperactive puppy.

“What do you want Stiles? I was in bed.” I say with a whine.

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Toothbrush (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Fandom: Marvel (actors)

Pairing: Sebastian x Reader

Request/Summary: Inspired by ‘Toothbrush’ by DNCE. You’re working on a film with Sebastian, and have developed a confidential relationship meanwhile, though Sebastian has decided he wants more.

Word Count: 1, 071

Warnings: Cursing, I think, not proof read, I’m so tired

Notes: This wasn’t a request, but I got inspired! Let me know what you think, and I hope you enjoy! xx

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It started off like any other Saturday night for Alibi, one of Gotham’s busiest night clubs. We clocked in, relished in the semi-decent smell of disinfectant which would soon be replaced with the usual smell of sweat, alcohol and depending on the night, vomit. For the most part it was decent though, one of the perks of working at a high end club opposed to one of the dives only ten blocks South of here. No more than twenty minutes after our arrival the doors were open and the flood of money and warm bodies rushed in and I was lost in the music and the business.
By the time 2am came, like always, I became annoyed. I became annoyed by drunk men trying to touch me, flirt with me, and ‘take me home’. I became annoyed with the predictability of the people, and how they thought just because they were wealthy and drunk it meant they could treat the staff and their partners the way that they did. Thank God this was only a gig. If I worked here every day I would probably set the whole place on fire and get away with it too. My skill set was wasted on this place, I killed people for a living and I liked it, I was good at it, pouring drinks was just a cover. But I have to admit the tips were good.
“You look bored,”A growling, deep voice made me look up.
The guy was a character to say the least, but I found myself oddly attracted to him despite the pale skin, makeup, silver grills, and electric green hair. He was a snappy dresser too, in his silk dress shirt open for the most part to expose his ink, gold chains, cane and trousers. It shouldn’t have taken me so long to realise who he was, but I wasn’t afraid, instead I leaned forward and asked, “What can I get ya Mister?”
“How about your name, doll?”
In most cases I’d lie but eyeing him curiously I opened my mouth to give it when a brawl broke loose by the private booths. Mobsters attacking each other left right and centre and yet the bouncers were nowhere to be found. Grabbing the baseball bat from under the counter I practically glided through the crowd of packed bodies bringing the bat down on a gunman’s arm and he screamed. 
“I’m going to have to ask you to-” A fist caught me hard in the cheekbone and I swung my bat hearing a satisfying crunch as I swatted at the brawling bodies. 
“I don’t like to repeat myself fella’s”
A hand was at my throat, pinning me down on the table and a gun was pressed against my head. I glared up at the sweaty, heavy-set scumbag and pulled the knife from my garter stabbing the man once, twice, a third time before I was able to shove him off me. A gunshot went off and pain exploded down my arm, anger swelling in my breast as I turned to face the bastard. I watched his face pale as I advanced, picking up my bat from where I had dropped it. He raised his gun but I was already there, pulling him to me by the wrist and my head smacked against him with a force that made my head bleed. I broke his leg with the bat before whipping around and shielding the other shots from his companions with his body. Diving behind the DJ stand I grabbed a gun that had been knocked aside in the midst of the fight and I fired. I did not think, I just did what I have been doing my entire life and then it was done.
Rising I heard clapping from where The Joker sat laughing. 
“So intense,” He said with a grin before it fell away and his eyes seemed to burn right through me. He gestured me to come to him with an index finger and I let the gun fall to the floor with a clatter as I moved to him. He looked at me, his eyes dark and hungry and my heart picked up its pace.
”Now, what’s your name baby doll?”
“Y/N, Mister.” 
“Ahhh Y/N Y/N Y/N” He rose, circling around me purring and growling in a way that made my flesh tingle.
“Where’d you learn to do that?” He whispered in my ear and I licked my lips.
“A girls gotta eat.”
He laughed coming back around to face me and he moved in close.
“Do you know who I am Y/N” 
“I do, Mister J” I replied.
“Do you know what I do?” He asked running his thumb across the blood dripping from the gunshot wound on my shoulder and he smeared it across my lips. I met his cool blue eyes completely absorbed in them. 
“I do.” He pointed out the joke and folly of humanity, the joke of law and order when they were just ideals hanging on by a very thin thread. Humans were inherently crap, as a hit-woman I learned that very quickly.
“Do you wanna be my friend, honey?” He asked.
I didn’t even have to think about it before I replied “Yes, Mister J.” 
He kissed me and I tasted copper, my blood turning into liquid fire in my veins and then he was pulling away while I leaned in closer. 
“Do you want rule this city with me Y/N?” He purred, his hand curling around my throat.
“Yes,’” I whispered. 
“Say it,” he rolled his neck his index finger trailing down my lips. “Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty,”
“Please.” I finished.
“You’re so… perfect. Lets go home Y/N, we’re going to make chaos together.”

[If you didn’t like it I’m sorry, I was rushing and I tried. If anyone wants I will take requests it will be hard to give me a request I will turn down, I hope you enjoyed my first try at this]

That’s My Girl ~ Jack Maynard (Requested)

Request: Can I have a Jack Maynard imagine based off “That’s My Girl” by JLS (still my lowkey faves) They’re either at a club or party and he noticed guys eyeing up the reader. Thanks a ton

Word Count: 2,797

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Forever Together

Original Imagine: Imagine being Stiles’ boyfriend/girlfriend and pretending to choose the Nogitsune (to gain it’s trust), all the while using hidden meanings in words to let Stiles know you choose him

Author: Mary 

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 1702

Warnings: Minimal swearing, pretty fluffy

The cold night air pierced against your skin, as you closed your eyes, and exhaled softly, trying to slow down your increasingly rapid heart rate. This was it. After weeks of planning, after weeks of trying to find ways to execute this task perfectly, the moment had finally arrived. And you were the star. 

It had been unbearable for a long amount of time. Ever since Stiles had been possessed by the Nogitsune, it had led to many sleepless nights, mostly out of fear and an aching heart. 

You and Stiles had been inseparable ever since Kindergarten, when he had somehow tricked Timothy Greene, the school’s most feared bully, away from tormenting you ever again. Little Stiles had beamed proudly as Timothy ran away from you, offering his small hand to help you up. “Forever together, right?” Stiles questioned nervously, and you had giggled, not understanding what he had meant, but had simply nodded your head. You had began dating Sophomore year in high school, even before Scott had become a werewolf. 

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