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ONE FC: Angela Lee vs Mei Yamaguchi

Touted as a must watch fight and the biggest female fight in Asian history, these two warriors had a lot of hype to live up to. The hype wasn’t propaganda, as the two turned in a 5 round war that showed both fighters throwing submission attempts the entire fight. Mei Yamaguchi dominated early, maintaining dominant position and delivering damage to Angela. She blasted Angela with a punch that sent her top the canvas, but she quickly recovered. This answered the question of whether she has a chin or not. This was an incredibly technical fight. Angela Lee found her groove in the third round and continued to press the issue with submission attempt after submission attempt in the following two rounds. 

Angela Lee much like every opponent to step in the ring with Mei Yamaguchi was unable to finish her off, she was however able to win the fight. ONE FC doesn’t score round by round but my scorecard had it 48-47 for Angela Lee. With that she moves to 6-0 in the cage and becomes ONE FC’s first Women’s Atomweight Champion and at just 19 years of age, the youngest champion in all of MMA history (men or women) dethroning Jon Jones who became UFC Light Heavyweight Champion at 23. While she fights out of Singapore, she’ll bring the first major MMA title back to Hawaii. Congratulations, Champ!


Angela Lee vs Mei Yamaguchi

ONE Championship has found themselves a diamond with 20 year old atomweight/strawweight champion Angela Lee (6-0). Having won the title in a fight of the year candidate against Mei Yamaguchi in 2016, she’s set to defend it this upcoming Saturday (March 11). Her opponent will be Jenny Huang (5-0).

Kenny Rice abruptly ended this interview with Ben Askren which is kind of bizarre as Rice doesn’t have a shtick of being an antagonistic character as a host and let’s people talk. Askren was criticizing Dana White and said some things about how Bellator and One FC are gaining ground in the MMA market. So a possible reason that Rice cut him off was that Rice feels that the UFC is going to lash out on himself and his show if they allow things like that to happen their program. If that is the case, that’s unfortunate, because whether you agree or disagree with opinions like Askren, they are interesting and enlightening to hear because they are rare as fighters don’t often speak their mind when it comes to some of the things they are not happy with in terms of the UFC. They are fearful of being reprimanded by the organization, don’t want to hurt their careers due to that, and are not interested in biting the hand that feeds them. Those are legitimate reasons to stay quiet, but if someone has a voice of discontent with an alternative viewpoint it’d be great to at least allow them to share it and get it out there for people to hear. From there people can make up their own minds as to whether or not they agree with it. 

Now this is a training room! UFC, bellator, strike force, elite xc, one fc,(and more) vets coming together under the watchful eye of Master Renzo Gracie and striking coach Mark Henry.

“As iron sharpens iron,
so one person sharpens another. ”(Proverbs 27:17 NIV)


I need to watch more ONEFC.