Oh my god, Martin.

My love, you look heartbroken. I held out hope that you would return to Ghost for a long time, and now that hope is at peace.

I will follow you.

Had time to finish a rather hasty Aria T’Loak portrait! I love her, she’s such a badass, and the Omega DLC was probably one of the best around for the Mass Effect series. While painting this I noticed that some of her features, especially her crest, are a lot softer and not as speckled/freckled as some other Asari. I know that now, and in the past, I wonder if her dad was a Hanar or something. Maybe that’s why she’s purple instead of blue, haha.

Here’s other portraits for the same series: Liara T’Soni , Peebee , Samara , Dr. Lexi T’Perro , Shiala

More info: I decided I would start a little digital painting project to keep me artistically active for a while, so to celebrate the month of May my theme is:

“May-dens, May-trons, and May-triarchs”

I’ll just be painting a whole buncha beautiful blue (and purple… possibly green) Asari from the Mass Effect series!