Fuck It - Austin Carlile
You’re sisters with Aaron from omam and you’ve been supporting the guys from the start of their journey, you’ve always had a massive crush on Austin and he’s always laughed it off since you were younger etc. Few years pass and then you catch up with them all again and he can’t take his eyes off you. fluff fluff.

Wanted to write this sooner or later. Hope you like what I’ve done c: Written by Emma.

Swinging my arms around my older brother, I squeeze him tightly. “Aaron, it’s been so long.” I say into his chest. “I know, I know. It’s just all the touring and the band has kept me so busy.” He shrugs with a useless smile. Aaron was my brother, who was a singer and bassist for a band, I admired him greatly, I love what he does. “You’ve changed so much, in what, two and a bit years now?” He squints his eyes. “Yes, that’s what happens when your big brother forgets about your existence.” I pout. “C’mon, I haven’t forgotten about you.” He nuzzles my head with his fist, messing up my hair. Despite him not seeing me properly, we text time to time.

We engage in a full on conversation, explaining everything we can’t over messages. “Still got that guy around?” Aaron pops. “James? No.” I roll my eyes. He looks as if he’s about to ask why, but he can tell from the glum look on my face I don’t want to. “Honestly, you should get with someone, Y/N. It’ll be nice for you.” He smiles, trying to be positive. “There’s no decent guys out there.” I mumble. I meant it, I’ve been searching for a guy for ages, and none of them are for me.

“Austin’s still single, you know.” My heart skips a beat at the sound of his name. “So?” I look at my brother, not giving is anything away. “So, maybe the reason you haven’t found the right guy is because you haven’t been looking in the right place.” He says with a grin. “What are you trying to say?” I ask Aaron, although I was fully aware. “Oh, come on, Y/N. Everyone knows about your little crush on him.” He chuckles. “Oh, did I say little?” He looks at me smugly. “Pack it in.” I shove him away.

However, he was right. Everyone knew about my crush on Austin, even he did. But he never took it seriously at all. I couldn’t help it; the man was irresistible. His dark hair, his kind eyes. His rigid yet soft features. The man was easily fell for, and I was in deep.

“Speaking of, the guys are coming over tonight, to mine. You’re always welcome.” Aaron says, disturbing my thoughts of Austin. “I don’t know.” I mumble, parties weren’t really my thing. “I really want you to see the guys again.” He says hopefully. “Austin will be coming.” He tilts his head and the pitch in his voice becomes higher. “Fine, I’ll go. Not because of Austin.” I squint my eyes evilly but break into a smile. “Yeah, sure. Just be ready by seven, I’ll pick you up then.” He laughs.

Hours Later: 7pm

With a last minute check in the mirror, I’m ready. Overviewing what I’m wearing, I look over myself. I wore a vest shirt, that displays my newest tattoo across my collar bone. Proudly, I want to show everyone. I also have skinny jeans on, with some neat ankle boots. I didn’t bother with a jacket as it’s warm outside.

Ringing, I trot to the door to meet Aaron. “Hey.” I say, hooking my bag over my shoulder and shuffling outside. We walk to his car and make it to his house.

Soon enough, we pull up outside. “The guys are already here, I came out to get you after they arrived.” Aaron says as he steps out of his car. Nodding, I attempt to smile. I feel quite nervous as we walk up to the doorway. Quickly, he opens the door with his key and we step inside. I hear muttering from the living room. “Aaron, that you?” I hear someone call, I can’t tell whose voice it is. “Yep.” Aaron says. He walks me to his living room.

Mumbling their greetings, his band seem to ignore my existence and say hi to Aaron. “Whey, my little girl has grown up.” Tino, the drummer, swings me into a bear hug without warning. Other than crushing on Austin, I was closest to Tino. “I know, see, I told you I would grow.” I giggle as we depart. “Mhm, maybe just a little.” He makes a gesture with his hands.

"Y/N, it’s a pleasure seeing you again. What’s it been, two years?” Phil, the guitarist, frowns. “Yep.” I nod. “Too long.” I add quickly, smiling. “Hey little Aaron.” Alan, the other guitarist’s, glance looks down to me. “It’s Y/N.” I say, fairly abruptly. I never spoke to Alan under any circumstances, unless I was forced to. There was no reasoning behind it, we just never clicked. “You’ve become hot over these past two years, wow.” He smirks, looking me up and down. Falsely, I laugh. “I will take you out anytime.” He winks. “Yeah, yeah.. no.” Aaron shoves him away from me. Finally, Austin walks up. “Y/N..” He grins. “Austin..” I say, trying to smile. Awkwardly, he runs his hand through his hair. “It’s… good to see you.” He looks slightly confused at his words but smiles politely. “Nice to see you too.” I blush under his eyes. What can I say? He’s still attractive as ever.

The night continues and is full of conversation. They talk about their newest album they’re producing, about how they think it beats their previous album Restoring Force. I doubt it, but hey, I’ll wait and see. They talk about touring, concerts, photo shoots. Anything and everything. We speak about me and my life. My job, my tattoos, my newest piercings. Me and Austin share a lot of eye contact, but rarely talk.

"Hey, Y/N, you still with that guy? What’s his name-” Tino says, I see Aaron give him a deathly glare and he stops. “No.” I say bluntly. “No surprise there.” Alan murmurs. “What?” I squint my eyes at him. “Alan.” Aaron looks at his band mate bewildered. “It’s fine.” I say, looking towards my brother. “Now, what do you mean?” I force my attention back to Alan. “Well, you weren’t the most attractive girl ever.” Alan says forwardly. “And he was quite a looker. Not surprised you didn’t last.” He adds. “Alan.” Aaron growls at him, the rest of the band stare at him like he wants a death wish. “Don’t worry, Aaron, it’s okay.” I weakly smile. “You’re right. I wasn’t hot or whatever guys like you want to call it. Ironic, isn’t it? I lose weight and doll myself up and you suddenly want to fuck me.” I hiss, temper building up inside of me. “But anyway, James cheated on me, with my bestfriend. Couldn’t blame him.” I smile sarcastically.

Getting up from my seat, Aaron grabs my arm. “I’m fine.” I flinch off him and walk out of the room. Quickly, I head to the kitchen. I lean over his breakfast bar, hiding my face. It still hurt, remembering James. But it wasn’t just that, it was Alan’s arrogance and ignorance saying it that offended me the most. A few tears left my eyes, but I attempt to ignore it.

"Y/N,” I feel somebody’s hand on my shoulder. Startling me, I jump back. I brush my hair out my face to see Austin. “Oh. Hi, Austin.” I try to wipe the tears away. “What Alan said, it was harsh. He didn’t mean to, you know what he’s like.” He says. “Yeah.” I shrug. “You okay?” He asks, stroking his thumb over my wet cheeks. “I’ll get over it.” I smile but it doesn’t really work out.

“You deserve to be happy. That James guy wasn’t up to my standards anyway.” He tries to lighten the mood. “Your standards?” I give him a sarcastic look. “Well, you know. Didn’t check all my boxes.” He shrugs. “Your boxes?” I cock an eyebrow at him and fold my arms, still smiling. “Yep.” He nods his head. “On the other hand, I check all the boxes.” He winks, running a free hand through his hair.

Blushing, we settle in a small silence. My heart was pounding, just being in his presence. It was beyond clear that I still had feelings for him. Everything about him was perfect: his personality, appearance, body.

"You know, I’ve always had feelings for you.” Austin breaks the silence. Confusedly, I look at him. “Yeah, it’s quite stupid.” He scratches the back of his head. “What do you mean, feelings?” I murmur. “I don’t know,” He shrugs. “Alan’s wrong, when you were younger, you were cute as fuck, adorable even. And everybody including me knew you had a small thing going for me. I always liked you, you know? But I knew it wasn’t practical, getting with Aaron’s sister. Would’ve been a dumb-ass move at that age.” Harmlessly, he chuckles. “Seeing you tonight, it’s just like wow, it’s you.” He gestures to my body. “God, I’m just so attracted to you. You look, beautiful.” His voice changes. “I haven’t been able to take my eyes off you since you got here.” He steps towards me and cups my face with one hand.

"Fuck it, I don’t care if you’re Aaron’s sister, you’re irresistible.” With that, he grabs my wrists and pulls me towards me. Crashing into his chest, my arms cling around his neck. One of his hands wrap around my waist, the other on the back of my neck. Without any hesitation, he kisses me. Everything just seems to slip into place. Our heads move in motion, our lips in sync. It’s everything I imagined it would be: perfect.

The Character: George Milton

In the novella, George is a father-figure and a friend. He is a protector to Lennie and helps him get about, like helping him get work and talking for him to get him out of trouble. George does tend to use quite abusive language towards Lennie; however he does adopt a responsible and caring parent-like role when it comes to Lennie. A lot George’s character is defined by his relationship with Lennie. For example, he is shown as a caring and responsible guy  when he warns Lennie not to drink too fast when he was drinking from the pool in the river, and when he told him to throw away the dead mouse he had be carrying.

For George, the dream of him and Lennie is something that he seems to simply use to calm and make Lennie happy with. In the beginning of the novella it is quite clear that George does not believe the dream will come true, as it seems quite impossible. However from here George’s thoughts on the dream begin to progress. We can see that once Candy comes into the dream, George can now see the dream actually happening, as he even says he’ll send away a letter to buy off their ‘little place’.

George also shows several times in the novella that he is honest when he is with someone he trusts, such as when he tells Slim of when he used to tease Lennie for his own amusement.

“The first man was small and quick , dark of face, with restless eyes and sharp, strong features.Every part of him was defined: small, strong hands, slender arms, a thin and bony nose.”