I was going to post these all separate but I thought, “Wait…Valentine’s Day…” so here’s a cute sequence of Tamaki and Haruhi! (Fun fact, I got engaged a few months after I colored the last one :3) Scans from (used to be) Omari Sister’s.

Full sized versions of each are here, here, and here. All three can be found on my devart and too lazy to link.

Do You Wanna Form a Host Club?
  • Do You Wanna Form a Host Club?

Late to the party, as usual. Hope this hasn’t been done already…

This was inspired by derping around with Benny at Ohayocon. This one’s for you, kiddo.


Kyouya? (Knocking)
Do you wanna form a Host Club?
See there’s this room right down the hall
No one uses it anyway
Let’s stake our claim
Make girls happy one and all
Our charms both lack direction
But now they won’t
If you would give it a try
Do you wanna form a Host Club?
C'mon let’s form a Host Club

Go away, Tamaki

Okay, bye.

Do you wanna form a Host Club?
We’ll serve ladies tea and sweets
Give them everything they’ve ever dreamed
I’ve almost got our team
But it’s incomplete
(Hang in there, Mori!)
Our group still needs a member
Maybe cool and calm
We’re still missing just one last type

Please, I know you’re in there…
Guests request you left and right

And we still need your expertise, with our financial needs

Your budget can be tight

Without you here it’s no fun
C'mon and join the club
Our dreams are now all in sight

Do you wanna form a Host Club?