Haruhi's Weakness (Haruhi, Kaoru, Hikaru)

Prompt from anon: Haruhi walks in on the twins having a tickle fight, and gets dragged in herself!

“Hikaru! S-stop it!” Kaoru cried out desperately, squirming beneath his twin. Said twin was straddling Kaoru’s hips, digging his fingers into his ribs underneath his uniform jacket. “The other hosts are gonna be here soon!”

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“IwaZuka & Ouran High School Swimming-Host Club will be waiting for your return! See you next summer?????”

Edit: Bigger version of the last pic here!

the signs as ouran high school host club types

the princely type- leo, taurus

the cool type- capricorn, virgo

the boy lolita type- pisces, cancer

the strong and silent type- aquarius, libra

the little devil type- aries, scorpio

the natural type- sagittarius, gemini

it’s a cartoon and anime it’s always happy

there’s no deep meaning to it

plus women are supposed beautiful and fragile

and the boy always gets the pretty girl

and there’s no big plot twist