She’d been gone for months. The whole of Crescent had been left in the hands of half-trusted family [which was almost always a horrible idea], and attendants. The books were all wrong and they would be in the negatives if not for the profit from drink sells and a few I.O.U’s still uncounted for. It was the result of high volume promotions and not skimping on quality. It was the price of finding the best venues and accommodations. She knew going into it that there would be no returns to her pocket for the first two years, but the bills were vastly overshadowing a few nights a month of fast gold.

The office, while shitty and rundown, was paid for straight out of her savings and she preferred it that way. With the building fully in her name she had control over who did what and when. In her absence, interns had nested upstairs, playing home and parties that rewarded them with two noise violations and the paid help a few disorderly conducts.

Current day saw the locks changed, camera’s installed, and their pay significantly reduced to the point of near termination. Things were improving already. A system was needed and the next month would focus on just that. They couldn’t hand out free things if they were becoming a charity case. Money, honey. Crescent needed it.

Seems like rainy days are here to stay.. I wish people would stop looking so angry and grumpy when it is raining..the weather is not good nor bad..your attitude towards it is! You can have the most amazing day even if it is pouring - you just have to keep your good spirits! Have a nice (sunny or rainy) day guys!! Xx

My T-shirt says “Bonjour - Au revoir” and it matches my attitude today. I work with my doors closed,don’t chat with my colleagues. And that’s ok. Just took my coffee with me and I’m enjoying the silence in the empty office. Got soaked through on my way to work but rainy mornings with no umbrella remind me of my beloved Dublin so I don’t mind them :-)