hehe that was what I thought of when I drew her in this pose xD

my nowi was pretty OP in my awakening file hehe (I married her to ricken b/c they both look like kids lol )
i ran her through the wyvern rider line and it was quite funny to see a dragon riding on another dragon ~ ヽ(o♡o)/


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SDGrののSweetDream by 折敷
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I won’t be very present on this blog during the next two weeks because “school” (and the bac is just getting closer and closer so many many exams because every teacher is awakening *screams*) :(…

So I’m going to try once more to keep away from Tumblr during this period! :D

Noy told me she would try and come here every day though! :)

I hope you all have splendid weeks! :D

Elise ;)

anonymous asked:

Wait, did this blog only have one solo writer? Damn, you must be really good at writing and write really fast. Thanks for those stories anyways, thanks!

Ah yeah it’s just me here lol 

Thank you though! I’m glad my absence wasn’t too bad on everyone

anonymous asked:

Hello~ for the match up thingy: Female, Demisexual, I want a 2nd class~ I'm tall, fit, long brown hair with hazel eyes. Very quiet; with close friends I joke around all the time, i rather be alone most of the time, Observative .I LOVE to drink tea, be with my dog and draw. I'm very faithful, i love to make my couple laugh and I always look forward to be in a very long relationship. I can be clingy, but i like to have some time alone to do my own stuff. Thank you~~ love your blog > v <

I would pair you with Eve!

Code: Nemesis appreciates your observant tendencies and how quiet you are, she enjoys placing you on her lap while she works and letting you draw, maybe on her armor if you’re lucky! If you get the chance to draw on her, she’ll keep it on her for as long as she can during battle, but she pouts quite a bit if your drawing gets ruined–it was pretty much her only reminder of you on the battlefield. She’d even try to learn how to make tea for you, but it rarely goes well for the poor queen. However, with your patience, she learns, and enjoys trying new teas with you whenever you have the spare time. Your faithfulness gives her a sense of pride in knowing you would never betray her, and she can trust you with anything, even her heart, or the entire Nasod Race. After all, Queens can’t always rule by themselves.