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Fake fic title - The Ashes of Good Intentions (Suffocating Me)

(for this prompt)

“I’m sorry, Tsunayoshi,” Nono said, looking older than ever. “I… had no idea.”

Tsunayoshi flipped through the papers in his hands. He wasn’t entirely sure if he believed Nono. It seemed unlikely that he would be unaware. Nono was a mafia boss after all. Now did Nono have no idea that this would be the result? That was far more likely.

There was no denying his father- Iemitsu’s involvement though.

“Does Reborn know?” Tsuna asked.

“No,” Nono said. “I had my Guardians do the investigating and no one knows yet. I can tell-”

“No,” Tsuna cut him off. If Reborn didn’t know, that meant no one else did. Not that Reborn would tell anyone, but there would be plans, preparations. Reborn never did anything by half measures. Someone like Shamal might have been told in the event of worst case scenario.

Reborn might have been indifference when they first met, wouldn’t have cared. But now? With Arcobaleno Curse broken, with all their time spent together? World’s Greatest Hitman or not, this information would destroy him.

“Is there anything I can do?” Nono asked.

Tsunayoshi looked at the papers once more. “Let Xanxus inherit Vongola and then leave me and my friends alone.”

Nono nodded. “Very well. I’m sorry, Tsunayoshi.”

Tsunayoshi let out a bitter laugh. He always had an inkling. “Me too.”

Experiment 20821

Subject: Clone 27A “Sawada Tsunayoshi”

Source Material: Vongola Primo

Status: Success

Updated Information: Genes no longer stable. Clone 27A will not live past the expected age of sixteen.

-ninja- you know everyone goes about how Tsunayoshi and Giotto look alike. Plus the whole Neo Primo thing. I thought clone!AU. Sometimes known as the Spiral!AU.

hehe that was what I thought of when I drew her in this pose xD

my nowi was pretty OP in my awakening file hehe (I married her to ricken b/c they both look like kids lol )
i ran her through the wyvern rider line and it was quite funny to see a dragon riding on another dragon ~ ヽ(o♡o)/


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