for the first time in really long while, I met my hometown friend, senior, and colleague Taeng^^ after dreaming the same dream with friends when we were little, and making that dream come true like this, the way we’re living like this, working hard is really amazing. we kept talking about our past, reminiscing, and I felt again how fun life is~^^ㅎ we wanted to try taking a picture under the street lights along the dark Han River roadㅋㅋ there are shadows here and there…ㅋ let’s order a small patbingsoo next time.. it was too much!ㅠㅠ (translation @ch0sshi)

121122 - Twitter - Rainbow's Noeul

@ddww1122 항상 변함없이 밝고, 착한 동우야 생일 왕왕 축하해!!^^ㅎ누나가 줄 것이 이 레인보우 케이크 사진밖에 없당…ㅋ암튼 오늘 많은사람들에게 태어난걸 축복받길~!!앞으로도 항상 화이팅하고잉~.~ㅋㅋ

@ddww1122 To the always bright and nice Dongwoo-yah happy birthday!!^^ ㅎ The only thing nuna has to give you is this rainbow cake…ㅋ Anyways I hope you will receive birthday wishes from a lot of people today~!! Fighting from now on ~.~ ㅋㅋ

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits