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Hiiii! Were you the writer that wrote a story about niall falling in love with girl who lived in his apartment block and she had a little girl? I started reading it ages ago and then i forgot the name of it :( if so is it on your tumblr on or just on 1dff? x

Hello!! I’m glad you found my tumblr and sent this message. That was in fact me. It’s called No One Does It Better. Niall and Gracie were the cutest weren’t they? (Should just ask beautifulletdownfics her opinion on their relationship) I was kind of stuck with writing it so I think there is only like ten chapters of it completed. As of right now, it’s only on 1DFF. But I could potentially start putting it on here for everyone to enjoy again and maybe I’ll get around to finishing it.

Would that be a good idea?


Rating: Mature
Pairing: Harry Styles/ Louis Tomlinson
Summary: You hold your breath, I’ll hold my liquor (Or, life after Louis comes home). 
Warnings: Sad. 

No One Does It Better ‘verse time-stamp.

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Serendipity - nodibs - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]

You hold your breath, I’ll hold my liquor. 

(Or, Life after Louis comes home)

No One Does It Better ‘verse Time-Stamp

Here you are, muffins. xx
Every single one of you needs to read this Larry fic

It’s an AU fic in which Louis is in an accident and can’t remember his relationship with Harry. It is tragic and beautiful and I am eagerly awaiting the next update. The author is a fantastic writer and it is absolute perfection! Read it and let me know what you think!

so here we go i tried again i think i have some kind of ocd over this fanfic so idk i was bored i made another banner??? call me crazy anyway it’s really good and it hurts a lot thank you so much for writing it delilah i love u 

one message wasn't enough for the beauty that is nodibs fic

Okay, for those of you who don’t know, nodibs has an amazingly written fic called No One Does It Better.

It’s beautiful. That’s the first thing I can say. It’s not the beauty that is classic and traditional like a Monet or a Picasso. It is the beauty in a museum such as MONA (Museum of Old and New Art). It’s gritty, it’s heart-breaking, it’s tragic and it is gut-wrenching.

It’s often a knife twisting into your gut. But that’s what makes this fic so unfathomable. You remember it, you crave each new chapter. (I do!)

I am going to start with the characterization. The portrayal of each character is spot on and not a word is wasted. Each of the boys have defined personalities, little quirks and secrets that make them human, make them spring to life. Harry hit me the hardest. Not because the fic revolves around Harry and Louis but because each sentence written about him swallows you. You think about his pain, his sad sad situation and this box he is stuck in. Like I said, it’s angst but beautiful angst! You need to simply appreciate the way he has been crafted in this story. I’m not going to write anymore simply because

1) I could go on for ages about Liam’s solid presence, Niall’s good heart that tears him in two and Zayn’s support. See, ages! 

2) I have probably already given spoilers but I shall no more!

The background next. It’s your city. It’s something you can connect to, it’s your life that could go spiraling into a situation that you never imagined and it’ll screw your life over. It could be real. It could be you. I just, the doctors and the calamity and the conversations are ones that you could be having. 

The romance. Oh my god. My heart stopped. Louis’s naivety and the guileless perception of him and how he can be two breaths for Harry and you think Harry’s need for Louis just to remember is tangible but Louis just can’t. 

This story will have you begging for a next chapter every minute and I just can’t stress enough that everyone read this and bask in it’s incredible quality. 


so yeah i was bored and i did something idk i’ll probably make another one when i have more time i just like i love this fic so much i’ll prolly make like 20 banners js

also if you wanted anything specific? you can ask i can make it for you yay