Mafumafu Tweets ー 02.17.17

Mafumafu: “That moment when someone said to me, “I heard that apparently turtles’ genders are determined when they hatch out of their eggs, so they become male if the surrounding temperature is less than 28℃ and female if the surrounding temperature is above 30℃. If you head over to a warm beach, there might just be a lot of female turtles there. I just caught onto something great, didn’t I?”, and I realized that at some point in time people had started to consider turtles as part of my love interest. The pain is overflowing.”

Mafumafu: “I’m at home almost all the time because of my projects, I’m working to my death at my job, I don’t really have any friends so I don’t go out to play much, there’s no way I’d cheat with someone based off of my personality, I wait around like a dog, and on top of that I think I’m the type that makes gloomy little cries of “woof, woof” while getting emotionally attached to someone, but when I think about how I’ll spend my life and die alone as a video uploader who never became popular and never received any chocolate, I want to cry”

Mafumafu: “However, though it’s only because it’s now that I can say this, I’ve (always) thought that surely a life of immersing yourself into music and your hobbies must be blissful. I’ve devoted a ton of time into my music activities, but I am so content with how each single day has both its fun and painful moments that I think I’d choose this life again if I had a chance to be reborn. Therefore, I thought I might even say that I will give up on romance wait what screw that I want to be blessed I want to be bles”

After the Rain Announcement: Double Single Release for “Atom: The Beginning” & “Clockwork Planet”

Mafumafu: “[Super Important Announcement ①]
We have had the opportunity to sing as After the Rain for the opening theme to NHK General Television`s “Atom: The Beginning” and the ending theme to TBS / BS-TBS’s “Clockwork Planet” in the Spring 2017 TV anime season!!! We’ve been working on them for the longest time!! Uoooh!!!!”

Mafumafu: “[Super Important Announcement ②]
And those two singles will both be released at the same time!
“Kaidoku Funou (Indecipherable)” (Atom: The Beginning OP Theme)
“Anti-Clockwise” (Clockwork Planet ED Theme)

For each single, we’ve had it created in our usual fashion of putting a large volume of 4 tracks in 1 single!!”

Mafumafu: [Super Important Announcement ③]
While the two singles will be released at the same time, for those who purchase the first-press limited edition for both singles, it will come with store-specific bonuses! (Animate, Amazon, TSUTAYA, Tower Records)
Reservations and details will be here⇒

Our first hit for the new year, please give us your regards!!!”

Mafumafu: “Thank you for coming to our livecast!
With that being said, this was our talk for the start of the year 2017 was about “Simultaneous Double Single Release”! For both “Kaidoku Funou (Indecipherable)” and “Anti-Clockwise”, I pumped in all of the musical knowledge I had in their making, and they’ve become songs that I can send out with pride. Please give me your regards. I’m soooooooo excited for the anime aaaaahhh!!!”

Mafumafu: “Everyone thaaaaaaaaaaanksssssss I’ll do my beeeeeeeeeeeest The homepage server is down & I can’t seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaahhh”

@uni_mafumafu: 理想 

@uni_mafumafu: In my mind:
Delinquent “Hey there, why don’t you come play with us~?”
Girl “P-Please stop”
Me “She already said she doesn’t want to, let go of her.”
Delinquent “What did you say? …Uwa!! What’s with that eye!! Guaaa!!”
Girl “T-thank you very much ///”
Delinquent “Hey there, why don’t you come play with us~?”
Me “P-Please stop”


yep. i knew it. i always knew he was a part of illuminati. (i always refrain from posting images from utaites but this is too memeful. the meme in my genes just had to kick in.)

( @victuir @o0oaisuuo0o )

Mafumafu Tweets ー 02.18.17

Mafumafu: “My name is Mafumafu, and I am currently a video uploader and the hardcore guy who was angrily tapping my driver’s license onto the ticket gate at Shibuya station without realizing that I mixed up my Suica card and driver’s license or understanding why the gate wouldn’t open for me.”

(T/N: Shibuya station is always crowded, in a hurry, and lined up with people at the ticket gates waiting to pass, so you can assume a lot of people saw Mafumafu mess up)

Mafumafu: “I’ll be busy next week with the final touches for the single, concert, PV shooting, but I will upload a weird video again in several days! For my upcoming music video, it’s kind of on a tight deadline now where it may or may not make it by the date!

Also, although I am the guy Mafumafu who left my listeners in charge of my brainstorming as you saw a few days ago, I’m going to record a video with a lot of the requests I received tomorrow yon! Waha-!! (*´□`*)”

(big blue text in the middle) “You guys!! Do you like Sonic or not?!”

(tinier white texts) variations of “I like him!”,“I LOVE him!”, and “I love Sonic!”

This is a screenshot of a Sonic Unleashed playthrough video on Nico Nico Douga / NND (a Japanese streaming site, equivalent to YouTube).

This is why I love to watch in NND. The comments might be annoying at first (you can turn it off, of course), but when you get used to it you can feel the viewers’ unity with the video.

I don’t know if Sonic sells well or not in Japan, but he sure is loved by the fans :’)

Mafumafu Tweet ー 01.08.2017


Mafumafu: “I was invited into something along the lines of a New Year’s Party, so I’m off to show my face for a bit. Well actually, I’ve already come. Despite this, Amatsuki-kun and I immediately started dazing off while going over to drink cola so we don’t disturb anyone. Please give me your kind regards this year as well.”

Mafumafu’s Official LINE: Utaite & Producer Keywords

Mafuteru: “My guardian angel. Mafuteru comprises of all of the world’s tissue”

Gochiusa: “The most precious anime in this world. Everyone’s great but if I were to pick one, I’d say I like Cocoa. P.S. Thanks to watching Gochiusa, my height grew”

Soraru: “My partner-in-crime as well as my senior. I trust him, and he is one of the few people that I can be myself in front of! (P.S. Please stop playing Dragon Quest all the time and do some work)”

Luz: “Close friend. The type of host who will come for extermination when bugs appear in the Mafumafu residence. His nickname is pesticide”

Urata: “An important friend whom I go out to play with the most often. No matter what age we grow to be, I want to keep having fun~ But because he’s tiny, I still have yet to see how he looks like”

Sakata: “When we’re together, he’s very fun and kind, and it’s as if my heart is being cleansed by him. His nickname is mold-killer” 

Amatsuki: “A friend I’m on good terms with. No matter when I contact him, he’ll still come play with me. For dinner, he goes to 3 restaurants in a row”

Kashitaro: “It seems like he is filling his mind with music all the time and I think that’s wonderful”

Hashiyan: “A rapper as well as a light novel writer. I wonder why he always comes over without arranging an appointment”

Un:c: “The nicest person among utaites. He’s an anime-loving comrade of mine, and we go to Akibahara together oftenー!”

Kony: “I heard that he was able to float up in the water without moving his hands or legs after a certain day. He has transcended humanity”

T-kun: “He’s a cool, refreshing Pokemon Master who is good at both singing and acoustic guitar, can compose songs, and has godlike reflexes, so I absolutely cannot forgive him”

nqrse: “He’s a very nice person who raps while he is getting motion sickness”

Natsushiro: “The movie ~His life which continues to be ruined by Splatoon~”

Yurin: “We went to McDonald’s together despite coming all the way to Okinawa. It’s very reassuring to know that our wavelengths match”

Rib: “Each and every single aspect of him is perfect so he probably isn’t human”

Touyu: “If I ask, he’ll give me an infinite amount of second helpings at the ramen restaurant”

Akatin: “When we go to karaoke together, his voice is so high-pitched and good and it’s fun and I don’t really understand anymore but it’s painful”

96neko: “96neko-san! S-she seems like a tall person, doesn’t she!”

Nero: “I don’t know anyone who is kinder or has a better personality than nero-san”

Glutamine: “His high pitch is truly the coolest, it’s super cool”

Stungun: “A precious friend who never changes. He always comes talk to me when I’m stressed”

Wolpis Kater: “Gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp” 

Neru: “I like Neru-san’s songs the most out of all the music out there. His personality is also hard to grasp and it’s the best”

Last Note: “He seems like a robot but he actually isn’t one, you know. Even Last Note-san is alive”

Suzumu: “I want to have fun with him again someday”

Osamuraisan: “He’s famous for being able to swing blades of wind through his acoustic guitar”

Zimuin: “He’s not only good at the piano but also cooking. He is the master of the Zimuin restaurant where everyone gathers”

Gom: “HoneyWorks! He’s amazing for being able to do anything”