Character Aesthetics: Neville Longbottom // Harry Potter

“Fourteen years ago, a Death Eater named Bellatrix Lestrange used the Cruciatus Curse on my parents. She tortured them for information, but they never gave in. I’m quite proud to be their son. But I’m not sure I’m ready for everyone to know just yet.”

Dutch Mental Health Vocabulary

Inspired by this post by @lemonadeandlanguages


  • The mental health – De mentale gezondheid, geestelijke gezondheid
  • The mental illness – De geestelijke ziekte
  • The disorder - De stoornis
  • The depression – De depressie
  • The bipolar disorder – De bipolaire stoornis
  • The obsessive-compulsivedisorder – De obsessieve-compulsieve stoornis
  • The anorexia (nervosa) – De anorexia (nervosa)
  • The dementia – De dementie
  • The autism – Het autisme
  • The Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders – De ADHD
  • The anxiety (disorder) – De angst(stoornis)
  • The bulimia – De boulemie
  • The schizophrenia – De schizofrenie
  • The insomnia – De slapeloosheid
  • The sleep disorder –  De slaapstoornis
  • The burnout – De burnout
  • The alcoholism – Het alcoholisme
  • The well-being – Het welzijn
  • The behaviour – Het gedrag
  • The non-verbal communication – De non-verbale communicatie
  • The counsellor – De begeleider
  • The tress – De stress
  • The depersonalization – De depersonalisatie
  • The personal development – De persoonlijke ontwikkeling
  • The diagnosis – De diagnose
  • The discrimination – De discriminatie
  • The harm – De schade, het kwaad
  • The self-esteem – Het zelfvertrouwen, zelfbeeld
  • The stressor, stress factor – De stressfactor
  • The depressive mood – Het depressieve humeur, de depressieve stemming
  • The illness – De ziekte, aandoening
  • The stress level – Het stressniveau
  • The suicide – De zelfmoord
  • The suicide prevention – De zelfmoordpreventie
  • The psychologist – De psycholoog
  • The health – De gezondheid
  • The awareness – Het bewustzijn
  • The medication – De medicatie, medicamenten, geneesmiddelen
  • The therapy – De therapie


  • Psychological – Psychologisch
  • Emotional – Emotioneel
  • Mental – Mentaal


  • To be mentally ill - Mentaal ziek zijn
  • To be conscience - Bij bewustzijn zijn
  • To be depressed - Depressief zijn
  • To have (insert illness) - (…) hebben
  • To behave - Gedragen
  • To develop - Ontwikkelen
  • To feel - Voelen
  • To diagnose - Diagnosticeren
  • To harm - Kwaad doen
  • To prevent - Voorkomen
  • To take medication - Medicatie nemen
  • To discriminate - Discrimineren
  • To struggle (with) - Het moeilijk hebben (met)


  • I have an anxiety disorder - Ik heb een angststoornis
  • Joseph has to take his medication every day. - Jozef moet zijn medicatie iedere dag nemen.
  • The therapy helped me a lot. - De therapie hielp me veel.
  • Having schizophrenia is hard. - Schizofrenie hebben is moeilijk.
  • I’ve learned to live with it. - Ik heb ermee leren leven

Keep on learning!

I Don’t Get This Shit.

What are people trying to achieve when they come into a youtube comment section and say shit like “you’re ugly” “you have giant ears” “your voice is annoying as fuck” “you have small tits but act like you have cleavage” and “you comment too much on the videos from the creators that you like” 

Like, oh, I’m ugly? I guess the 15 people that said otherwise this week were all liars and I should just accept what you say as fact then eh? Oh, my ears are big? Never realized that before. Not like I’ve had them all my life or anything. Oh, my voice is annoying? Did you get that from my own channel description? Because I talk about how goddamn squeaky I am all the time, dude. It’s part of my shtick. Oh, I have small breasts but don’t cover them up? Guess I better add turtle necks to my next shopping list then, apparently small boobs are offensive to men with super gigantic penises. Why should ANY of that even matter to me at all? Like, even if I WERE the ugliest person on the planet, why should that stop me from making content that I like? Oh I get it, you’re a sexist pig. You think women should fall into your certain ideals and if they don’t, they’re somehow unworthy of any type of success in their own right because YOU don’t like them.

The thing that bugs me the most is that last comment there. “You comment too much on the videos from the creators that you like.” This was commented on my video about how fucking stupid successful youtubers can be and how fucking stupid the community on youtube can be when it comes to gaining that success. In the video, I talk about how once you upload a video to your channel, everyone acts like any comment you make on someone else’s channel is just a way to promote yourself. That’s bullshit. Creators can support other creators. I comment on videos I watch. It’s that simple. Because as a creator, I know how important seeing your comment section not only enjoy your content is, but that they actually make an effort to enjoy the community you have as well. That’s really important to see as a creator. I strive to see that on my own channel some day. I see glimmers of it every now and then. Someone new comments and one of my regulars says “welcome to the pardy bus!” ISN’T THAT ADORABLE?! He came up with that all on his own. My last name is pardy, welcome to the pardy bus… that’s so cute. I love seeing that. It warms my heart. But then you get assholes that come in and completely miss that concept and just think that by taking part in someones community that they’re a part of too, that they’re allowed to come and shit all over yours for being there. That like they have some sort of reason to. But they don’t. You have no fucking reason to hate me. Content creators LIKE people like me. Who enjoy their content AND the community. 

So anyways, I just thought I should reinstate that shit. I recall having a really good time in the comment section of Northernlion’s videos on Friday night and it seems that by Saturday some idiot found my enjoyment to be bothersome to them. Hey dude, if you’re there to see me, you’re there just as much as I am. 

Your bullshit doesn’t phase me, I just want you to know it’s bullshit.