so misha collins signed my drawing of him but this autograph has a little story:

my friends and i were waiting in line to meet misha right? so i put down my art journal for school on the table so the lady can pass it to misha. the lady was impressed with my drawing and my friends (Danielle and Alyssa) were like “Oh my gosh! I know right? Katie’s a perfectionist” and guess who heard that last part?

m i s h a c o l l i n s

right now Danielle is getting her picture signed and misha asks “who’s the perfectionist?” to which my friends reply KATIE and he eyes me down… feeling bad that he’s talking to me and not Danielle i block my drawing and stopped looking at him so Danielle could have her time with Misha.

when it came to my turn, i gave him the letter Hope had written for him. and he says that it was very thoughtful of her to write him a letter and he promises to read it later!

then he directs his attention to me and asks if i paid my friends to “praise me”! and im at loss for words so i go “of course!” (he laughs meaning i died) he looks at the drawing and smiles and says “i know you’re not giving it to me but im going to keep it anyways” *pretends to rip the drawing out* this terrifies me so i yell “NO DONT DO THAT THIS IS FOR SCHOOL” and he yells back “DON’T YOU YELL AT ME”

guys. i yelled at misha collins. and he yelled at me (jokingly but still)

i couldn’t stop apologizing so he signs it and smiles (died again) and as i was walking away he sarcastically goes “OH KATIE’S PERFECT YOURE FABULOUS” and then laughs


and that’s my story with the autograph. my mini conversation with misha collins

ONE THOUSAND AWARDS to my new fairy godmother Tomriddlery, who had an extra photo op ticket.  Turns out i am a more giant fangirl that i had thought, cause i got REALLY EXCITED and giggly about this, and it was awesome and amazing and totally made my day and maybe my week month or year.  Actual conversation:

Misha: hello again!

Me: hi! can we slow dance?

Misha: Sure! 


Misha: *manhandles me into correct position*

Me: *swoons and dies*

So anyway, now i can definitively say that Castiel is NOT pale.  I am pale.  Cas has a nice healthy tan going.  I can also report that his eyes are NOT frighteningly blue in real life, they are normal-people blue.  And he has lovely big, warm hands.  

Alright, enough swooning, i need to go eat breakfast.  

no this isn’t a gang sign. this hand gesture means “161”

161 is really important to me because my senior class is the 161st graduating class at my highschool. i thought it’d be cool to do the sign since karaoke night’s theme was “class of 2013” which I am! so yeah.

when I told them to throw this up, Matt was like “oh gang signs! i dig it” and then i explained and they both were like “OHH” they are so adorable.

i told them to do a serious face and i think Richard was the only one that got the message…


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Osric Chau on filming with Jared at NJcon 2013 (mentioning how he’s “incredibly ticklish” and how Jared would take advantage of that fact)

Regarding the Misha panel and the "Butt" question

Guys I wasn’t even at the con and I feel mortified and embarrassed. I can’t even imagine what else happened at Misha’s panel, and frankly, I’m not even sure if I would want to know. I wonder if these fans even realize how their behavior reflects on the entire fandom. Just because these guys are celebrities doesn’t mean they aren’t people, doesn’t mean you can ask them such blatantly not-okay questions. There’s such a thing as respect, and if you’re really as much of a fan as you think you are, then you should be showing more respect than you thought possible while dealing with Misha and the rest of the cast. They make this show what it is. They put their heart and soul into SPN. Respect their hard work and be thankful for it.

Misha is such a wonderful person, he’s open and friendly and interacts with his fans in a great way. Don’t spoil that by sexually harassing the poor guy.