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Oneshot request: naruhina high school AU awkward first date??? *clutches chest* my throwback otp

Good Impressions

When Naruto Uzumaki asked Hinata Hyuga on a date, Hinata was thrilled.

But this…

“Er, are you enjoying your meal?” Naruto asked.

Hinata gave a polite smile, “Yes, it tastes really good.” 

This was terrible.

The two of them were sitting in the center left table of an expensive restaurant. They were eating wonderful food, drinking wonderful drinks. But this was a horrible date. Hinata ate her soup stiffly, trying to appear as nonchalant as possible. She was still grateful that she was on this date…

However, Hinata said yes to a date with Naruto Uzumaki. The loud, rambunctious boy who loved ramen more than life itself! Preferably the ramen from Ichiraku, a local traditional ramen stand in the city of Konoha.

The boy she was currently sitting across from, was far from him.

Naruto never combed back his hair in a proper manner.

Naruto wasn’t one to wear tuxedos.

And yet here the blonde boy was, doing all the exact things she listed. 

This wasn’t the boy she had fallen in love with that fateful day during recess. When she had fallen off the swing in an attempt to follow her friends, she twisted her ankle, and Naruto had given her a piggyback ride to the nurses office.

She had liked him ever since, a fact well known by her best friends and the a majority of the student body that she did know.

If anyone had told she would be going on a date with him one day in high school when she was a little girl, she would’ve blushed furiously and negated. But here she was…

“Thank you again for agreeing to come here with me, Hinata.” Naruto said with a nervous grin.

“Thank you for asking me, Naruto-kun.” Hinata gave him the best reassuring glance she could. 

The blunette felt guilty. Here Naruto was spending all this money and she was complaining.

But… Hinata’s opal eyes glanced back at the blonde boy who was now picking at his plate. I just want him to be himself. “How has school been for you?” She needed to do something to get rid of this awful atmosphere.

Her blonde date perked up a bit, “It’s been cool!” He grinned. “Kakashi-sensei is throwing another test soon, but I’m sure I’ll be alright if Sasuke helps me out again.” Sasuke was Naruto’s best friend since childhood. Not that a lot of people would’ve realized it considering how much they argue. “But the jerk keeps hogging all his notes to himself again.”

Hinata giggled, “I’m sure Sasuke-san will relent in the end.”

He usually did.

“Or I could ask Shikamaru but I heard he doesn’t even take notes, the lucky bastard.” Naruto stabbed his steak with his fork. “The smartest guy in our school and he doesn’t give us any of his secrets.”

After that comment they both fell silent once more, opal and blue not meeting one another in the eye.

Is this how most dates are supposed to go? Naruto poked around at his steak again.

Before he took Hinata out, he had immediately been surrounded by her friends who gave him proper dating etiquette. “You have to take a girl to fancy restaurant, Naruto!” “Romantic movies that are new are a MUST on first dates!” “You pay for everything even if you have to borrow money from a friend!”

Naruto’s mind had swirled with this new information.

But considering his lack of experience in dating, he figured it would be best to listen to them. 

The blonde held back a sigh. This wasn’t fun at all. “So um, do you want dessert?”

Hinata shook her head. She didn’t want to do anything that might lengthen their time at this stiff restaurant.

“Then how about I pay the bill and we could go see a movie.” Naruto suggested. “There’s this new lovey dovey movie out in theatres.”

That sounded better than being in this high brow restaurant. The constant muttering and  ‘…and then i said ‘escargot?’, I thought it was pronounced escarGOT! Ohonhonhon-’ had jilted it for her. “That sounds nice.”

Naruto inwardly groaned when he saw Hinata’s fake smile. He was seriously botching this already wasn’t he? “You don’t really want to see a movie do you?”

Hinata looked down at her hands, “No.”

“Are you really enjoying this date?”

“It’s not that, it’s just…” Hinata trailed off a bit. “When I excepted to go on this date with you, I thought it would be with you.” Her face was flushed as those words came out her mouth. She may have gained some confidence over the years thanks to her friendships with Sakura and Ino, but there was something about Naruto that always managed to bring out her shyness.

The blonde tilted his head in confusion, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, the Naruto-kun I know wouldn’t do any of this.” She gestured to everything. The tux, the slick-backed hair, the chick flick. “I like the Naruto-kun with the corny jokes who loves ramen.”

There was another pause between them, but it ended when Naruto’s lips stretched into a lopsided grin. “You think my jokes are corny?”

Hinata giggled, “But I like your jokes.”

Naruto couldn’t hold back his own chuckle. “Sorry about this whole thing.” There was a pink blush dusting his cheeks as he sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. “I just really wanted to impress you.”

You always impress me Naruto-kun. You don’t have to try. Hinata smiled warmly. 

“So,” Naruto rubbed a hand through his hair, the spikiness returning. “Do you wanna do a do-over? I know a great ramen place!” There was nothing like a hot bowl of Ichiraku Ramen to lighten any event.

For once Hinata nodded, completely on board. “That sounds very lovely.”

naruhina; the epilogue

rating: K+
prompt: inspired by the last chapter and final one of konoha hiden, you can read it here. it was so beautiful and nice that i had to write my own spin of it. enjoy!



They say if the sky looms over with the shades of the sea and no clouds were to be seen, a blessed day awaits them ahead.

Looking outside the window where he saw nothing but the vast blue canvas that spread across the horizon with the rays of the sun illuminating down upon the beautiful ceremony to be held, Naruto felt content.

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