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Most anyone who has encountered a flamingo has probably been impressed by its signature ability to balance on a single long, spindly leg for remarkably long periods of time.

But actually, scientists have now shown that what appears to be a feat requires almost no muscle activity from the bird.

In fact, they found even a dead flamingo’s body will naturally fall into a stable one-leg balance if positioned vertically. That research was recently published in Biology Letters.

Scientists Pinpoint How A Flamingo Balances On One Leg

Photo: VSPYCC/Flickr
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“We’re just finishing up on the finale episodes, and planning the Christmas one, which [Rachel Talalay is] also directing — which is my very last one.”

GREAT news everyone! In addition to directing the two finale episodes of Series 10, @racheltalalay will also be directing the Christmas episode where we’ll be saying goodbye to Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi. They’re gonna get one hell of a send-off! 

Decisions at the FIS Conference in Slovenia

The FIS Calendar-Conference was held this week in the Slovenian coastal town of Portoroz. There the FIS Council also made some decisions regarding proposals which were worked out by the Ski Jumping Committee in its meeting earlier.

The following changes were confirmed:

- There will now also be ladies’ team competitions at World Championships.

- Due to the possibilities with the wind and gate factor, there will be no pre-qualified athletes anymore. This means that also the top ranked jumpers in the World Cup will have to qualify for the competitions. This possible change will be tested during this year’s FIS Grand Prix. The next decision regarding this proposal will be made at the FIS meetings this fall.

- BWT was confirmed as new ski manufacturer.

- The athletes will now have to wear two-piece underwear. This has to end over the knees, must be made of one material and can’t have a zipper.

- In addition to the two originally planned normal hill competitions in Lillehammer (NOR), an additional large hill World Cup competition for the ladies will be held there. Only the Top 30 athletes are allowed to compete in this event.

- For the first time ever, team competitions will be held as part of the Ladies’ World Cup events in Hinterzarten (GER) and Zao (JPN).

- The Ladies’ World Cup final will take place late March on the normal hill in Oberstdorf (GER).