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Every New Idea Is Different, Save Every Other Failed New Idea Which Brought About The Need For The Newest!

It’s Not The “Idea”, But The Failed Implementation As A Result Of Shortsightedness, That Never Changes!



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Bedrooms, I feel like, are usually almost always a work in progress.
An ever evolving most sacred piece of yourself. Everything in my room is pretty mismatched.
I am enjoying watching it’s evolution.

We got a different bed set a few weeks ago. As cute as it was, I decided since it was more like a duvet comforter to just get a duvet cover for it. Plus the animals kept making it super fuzzy and it’s easier to clean a duvet cover vs an entire comforter. Since before we moved down here I haven’t been able to shake the image of a black and white bed set for our bed and I finally found one I loved so I got it.

Now that I see it I am even more in love with it. It feels super cozy in here now and I just have a few more bits and pieces to change out, some more pictures to hang and I need to find a home for the orchid one you see above, but for now it can hang out there.

I think I’m just really excited because for so, so long I was so incredibly broke living paycheck to paycheck for longer than I can remember. Now that I work for my mom and have stable income and can save Scott and I have been able to start investing in things that will build a home.

Night night Tumblr. 💗