“What just happened?” Anthony Dinozzo says after Gibbs gives you a quick peck on the lips and goes off to get you a coffee like you asked him too. You smirk over hearing the conversation between Gibbs’ team as you sit in Gibbs’ chair and put your feet on his desk

“Oh hey, um no bad idea Gibbs doesn’t allow anyone to sit in his chair let alone put their feet up on his desk” Timothy McGee warns you but you just smirk

“here’s your coffee Hun” Gibbs walks back in but after seeing your position at his desk he just gives you a look that is disapproving but you just give him a sweet smile as Jethro doesn’t openly tell you to get out of his seat

“Thanks babe” you hop up though to get your coffee give him a kiss on the check and start to walk in the direction of the elevators to see Abby

“Oh and by the way I went through your emails and deleted all of the ones that weren’t important and most likely to give your computer a virus, you’re welcome” walking off without leaving him time to say anything. Although Gibbs just smiles and sits down at his desk starting to find cases and this leaves the team dumbfounded in silence wondering what just happened

“Get to work” Gibbs says leaving no room for argument as Dinozzo opens his mouth to speak.

Gibbs x reader: He's not my boyfriend

Fandom: NCIS, Criminal Minds
Characters: Tony, Hotch, Gibbs, Mcgee, mentions of other people
Warnings: fluff, few seconds of angst, jealous Gibbs, Swearing(I said ass like one time), i think that’s it
Word count: 2,299
A/N: I thought of this watching SVU, weird right? Sorry if this sucks I’m bad at writing. Tell me if you see any mistakes.

You were sitting at your desk finishing up some paperwork. The office was quiet that day, no new cases, no annoying suspects that won’t cooperate. Just peace. You stood up to give Gibbs the file as you spotted Tony on his phone.

“Tony, did you know that-”

“That I don’t care?” he cut you off. How rude.

“Hurtful Tony, Hurtful,” you turned to him, put a hand over your heart and responded sarcastically. Tony was about to come back with some smartass retort when-

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NCIS Season 15
“Alas, it was unavoidable: when NCIS returns for a 15th season this fall, Special Agents Leroy Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) are in captivity after traveling to an area of Paraguay that’s controlled by bloodthirsty rebels to locate a lost Navy Seal. EW obtained an exclusive first look of Gibbs and McGee, who will have been under rebel control for two months when the show returns — and their colleagues back in Washington, D.C. have no idea where they ended up.” Spoiler TV